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  • Behringer XM8500

    Behringer XM8500 - "Couldn't resist" has images


    The Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 dynamic microphone is the perfect addition to anyones gear arsenal. I will admit, you aren't going to use this mic for vocals in the studio. Don't let that discourage you from buying one, this is a handy mic to have ar…

  • Behringer XM1800S

    Behringer XM1800S - "Perfectly satisfied!"


    Very good mic for vocals, which can rival with the SM58 (oh, yes!!) You can also record instruments with it (I have used it to record a guitar with a 4x12 cab, snare drums and hi-hats), but you shouldn't expect to much from it because it isn't meant…

  • Behringer XM1800S

    Behringer XM1800S - "Average, but given the price I wouldn't complain!"


    All-purpose mics, with not too much frequency range, no coloration, nor a high price tag. OVERALL OPINION I've had these mics for years without a single problem. They are solid, and although not as good as the sennheiser (sp?) or shure that I commo…

  • Behringer XM1800S

    Behringer XM1800S - "Nice mic"


    Dynamic - Super cardioid - 80Hz 15KHz - -52dBV - 600 Ω OVERALL OPINION I needed an all-purpose mic (by no means a professional one) Computer sound input, diverse and varied recordings. I am willing to do some tests with people in my region to see…

  • Behringer XM8500

    Behringer XM8500 - "similar to the SM58"


    The XM8500 is a dynamic vocal microphone that made itself popular when it first came out because of the price. Behringer released this microphone for a really low price and people went crazy over it. It is great with rejecting feedback and cutting o…

  • Behringer XM1800S

    Behringer XM1800S - "Excellent value for money"


    See specs OVERALL OPINION I bought the Behringer XM 1800 S three-mic set several years ago because I had no money. I don't regret having bought them. Granted, they are not professional studio microphones, but for the price...…

  • Behringer XM1800S

    Behringer XM1800S - "Cheap, you get your money's worth"


    Dynamic mic for live speech or vocal applications. OVERALL OPINION When the first one came out, a friend of mine who does sound for big conferences put several on stage and asked me what I thought about them. We found them quite all right. So I …

  • Behringer XM1800S

    Behringer XM1800S - "All right for the price"


    Dynamic vocal mic OVERALL OPINION I've had them for three years. I bought them for karaoke, I wouldn't let the clients touch my Sennheiser mics. I paid $40 for the three, their value for money is truly excellent, they come with mic clips and tran…

  • Behringer XM1800S

    Behringer XM1800S - "Very good for the price"


    Set of three dynamic microphones for vocals with on/off switch. They come together with mic clips inside a padded plastic case. OVERALL OPINION Very practical set of mics you can get very cheap at Thomann. I've used them for 7 months with a blu…

  • Behringer XM1800S

    Behringer XM1800S - "Surprisingly good!"


    Set of 3 dynamic mics for vocals (but only that) OVERALL OPINION I've had this mics for several years. Considering their price, the natural prejudice is to think they are crap. When I used a "real" mic (Neumann KMS105) that costs $650 and gets acc…