Behringer XM8500
Behringer XM8500

XM8500, Dynamic Microphone from Behringer in the Ultravoice series.

MGR/Mark 12/04/2003

Behringer XM8500 : MGR/Mark's user review

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I purchased two of these mics at a local music store here in Canada for $34 each (Can).

These mics for the price are amazing - believe it or not, they come with a carrying case as well! The sound is comparible to a Shure SM58, (I've owned a few) but you can buy three or four of these for the same amount of money! (I don't know how they do it).

I can't honestly say there is anything I don't really like. Usually I'm not into Behringer products too much, but these mics are a bargain. I just bought them two weeks ago, so maybe it's a little early to say - but so far so good.

The quality and construction seems rock solid, plus as I mentioned already, a carrying case is included.

If you are on a budget and looking for low cost vocal mics for a practice space, etc, I would highly recommend this model.

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