Behringer XM8500
Behringer XM8500

XM8500, Dynamic Microphone from Behringer in the Ultravoice series.

MGR/David 01/26/2008

Behringer XM8500 : MGR/David's user review

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I have been a bassist for over 22 yrs. I currently am playing with PHOENIXX from Amarillo, TX, I have recorded and toured extensively with Hacienda Records Artist "Algo Simple", recorded and toured with Grandma Gerber Records Artist "The Carmen Espinoza-Rodriquez Jazz Band", have recorded for PBS (KACV-TV), recorded and sat in many studio sessions (still do), recorded and toured with the WTAMA Faculty Jazz Quintet, performed with the WTAMU Jazz Ensemble, performed with the world reknown outdoor musical drama "Texas Legacies" and toured with their band "Texas X-press", and received an award for "The Most Outstanding Soloist" at the UNC of Greeley Jazz Festival in Greeley, CO.
I play a variety of styles; Jazz, Latin, Latin Jazz, Tejano, Blues, Funk, Rock and Country
I enjoy good music, (hate rap).

I heard about Behringer while touring with The Carmen Espinoza-Rodriquez Jazz Band. I fell in love with it and since have acquired more Behringer products. I paid $59.98 for a 3-pack through Musician's Friend.

I do back-up vocals and the ULTRAVOICE XM8500 gives a very rich presents to my voice. It has a very low feedback response which is good when you need to output a lot of volume.

........nothing negative to say about this product.

very durable. I gig no less than 12 times a month and this product has been right on it each time.... I am pretty hard on my gear, and so far, the ULTRAVOICE XM8500 is a very tough act!

I completely, fullheartedly recommend this product to any vocalist whether you are lead or back-up.

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