Behringer XM8500
Behringer XM8500

XM8500, Dynamic Microphone from Behringer in the Ultravoice series.

etcetera 06/23/2013

Behringer XM8500 : etcetera's user review

«  super strong ... but only Exterior ... »

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used for singing or the sound.
You can unscrew the ball.


At this price, you should not expect top quality.
One day (yesterday, well, it was fine), it stop working
I unscrewed the handle, the two wires were unsoldered.

Not much, what ...

Except that the base XLR is stuck at the bottom of the handle (the bottom of a tube of 15cm).
tighten or loosen the small screw is useless: there is too much glue.

So, you can not weld, so fucking micro ... Damage

EDIT: I managed to take off the base by tapping it with a screwdriver and a hammer.
Welding worked, and I even got back all without too much trouble. The base has suffered, but all works well. I back the score ...