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Boss DR user reviews

  • Boss DR-770 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-770 Dr. Rhythm - "Boss DR-770 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine"


    Bought on eBay for $280; I needed a way to record drum tracks without going into a studio. The sounds you get are very, very realistic; I've done a lot of recordings with this drum machine already and people are always hard-pressed to tell it's a dr…

  • Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm - "Boss DR-550 mkII Dr.Rhythm Drum Machine"


    I was in the navy on a gulf tour in hong kong doing some window shopping when i ran across the doctor rhythm. I used it with headphones during the tour. It has a nice sound,nice look. But i found it difficult to understand the break down of the so…

  • Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm - "Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm Section"


    I aquired My DR-5 at my local music store - Roberson Music in El Dorado Arkansas in order to be a one-man-band. I paid about $350 for the unit. I had used an older Brother sequencer with a DR-660 drum machine in the past and I wanted to have better …

  • Boss DR-202 Dr. Groove

    Boss DR-202 Dr. Groove - "Boss DR202"


    acquired on ebay for $180 this is a lightweight, go-anywhere drum machine that can be run off of batteries, compact and easily carried, it allows me to program patterns while on a bus, a plane, etc. this thing could use a some backlighting fo the L…

  • Boss DR-770 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-770 Dr. Rhythm - "Boss DR-770"


    I purchased the Dr 770 late last year thru Musicians friend, actuall was pretty happy with the price, as a demo it was barely 3 hundred bucks. Having had a few drum machines, the first thing to strike me about this unit was the sound. Having been a …

  • Boss DR-110 Dr. Rhythm Graphic

    Boss DR-110 Dr. Rhythm Graphic - "A very nice analog drum machine"


    In broad terms the features are: A box with analog rhythms small 1983 size battery-operated or power. The battery life seems very good (better than a Volca for example). 5 non-editable sounds (kick, snare, clap, ride, open and closed hihat). No…

  • Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm - " Fits perfectly"


    RCa st jack Output Connectors Several Styles and Drum Kits Percussion, djembe, bongos etc .. Bassline UTILIZATION I simply would not. the manual is clear and well detailed, even too much detail because we share it fairly easily. But s…

  • Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm - " Super rhythm"


    Connections: Digital out Midi in and out Usb A and B indidual Input for an expression pedal Effects section: TSC total sound control with 20 programmable options and another twenty fairly simple. We are not obliged to use ;) for th…

  • Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm - " If you have free time"


    For specifications see previous opinions UTILIZATION You really need to spend time on it (hence the title), because if you stop using it 2or 3 weeks should get back into the manual. As I am guitarist, "I can not" because in the end I prefer to pl…

  • Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm - " Very good rhythm"


    A box rhythms quite well provided: - Many battery kit and bass sounds - Effect processor guitar / Bass - MIDI I / O - USB for backups - 4 Out Jacks, 2 RCA, SPDIF out and two switch inputs UTILIZATION Ergonomics is not necessarily well …