Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm

DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

MGR/Chris Reed (Chocolate Enter.) 12/22/2003

Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm : MGR/Chris Reed (Chocolate Enter.)'s user review

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I was in the navy on a gulf tour in hong kong doing some window shopping when i ran across the doctor rhythm. I used it with headphones during the tour.
It has a nice sound,nice look. But i found it difficult to understand the break down of the song building concept. I purchased this unit for approximatly $300.00 in 1989.

I like the wieght,color,price and also the sound quality of this unit.It has a protability that suits people who are into mobile recording and that are limited by space.So i feel i like it for a beginner unit and can use it as a accompany piece in my home studio.

The unit is limited on midi hookups, and i find the unit a little difficult for a musician to steer through the menu options abd scale option are hard to understand. I wish it had more different sound. I wish i coulld store new rythms into the unit.

The unit is sturdy, I stored inside a navy bunk for days and it still worked greatly.It can withstand a little punishment ond hold up to a lot of tapping on the pads.

The boottom line is that the boss dr, rythm is a piece that is strong,light,portable,and affordable.It is limited and a little difficult to work for a beginner.I would say shop around and try to find a more user friendly piece.

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