Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm

DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

FredT 01/28/2003

Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm : FredT's user review


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This little box has a single rate between MIDI and no output, which limits its use a lot.
It has 91 sounds and offers 12 voices of polyphony, which can cover some prs all uses and styles.

The edition is basic and sound is through the LCD screen. There is not much utility sr edition ... this would require at least one MIDI OUT port!

No effects, however, and squenceur Reduces its simplest form.

Last point: The Backup / Restore give is through a mini-jack on one magntophone. It is a relatively old design, fine, but it's even a little archaque! Reminds me of my first Amstrad! ;)


The configuration is very simple, the manual n'tant really necessary for the functions evolve.

The edition of the sounds is easy since basic ...

Note finally that the configuration is saved with the batteries installed, even if it is supplied by an external transformer. This is quite annoying especially given the Systm give backup!


The sounds on offer cover a wide range of styles (from pop to jazz to dance).
The only regret for opportunities rather limited edition and too few variations within a style.


Toffe to purchase drum kits of an expander Korg, I did not much use since I am quickly pass a rhythm box VSTi virtual, with virtually endless possibilities on which I reprogrammed the sounds of the samples have the DR550 APRS!

Reserved A, I think, small configs that will mostly be using MIDI or standalone squenceur through the house.

The weakest point is rvle finally be the lack of MIDI OUT prohibiting its configuration from the PC and the use of pads during the registration of a squence.