Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm

DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

Djeeloo 10/13/2004

Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm : Djeeloo's user review


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1 MIDI IN and that's enough. Two audio outputs (Left / Mono & Right Headset +)
91 Sounds Different. We can use 48 per song DIFFERENT (4 banks of 12) is enough.
But no effect of 'color' diffrent dbrayables and accents.

Squenceur trs simple but intuitive. Beginners and I top it is the basis of squence, but it is very well done and visually effective. Ample practice for the DR550. No need for manual squenceur.


For configuration gnrale, use combinations of keys, but everything is on the DR550 srigraphi, so not too worried.
Each sound has so many 'colors', ie more or less than a chorus or legalization diffrent, prdfinies and unchangeable. Also pan and focus, and a reserve of canal. For example, if you put the open and closed Charley on the same channel, the sound of Charley open cuts when we play the closed hi-hat which gives a little gaming ism
I never had the manual and needed ... No! ! !

One criticism that there have not SETTING THE by its volume.
Pilot matre by a keyboard, the mapping is a little bizzarre, only two banks are "entire", the other two are a bit scattered.
It just sounds CRER sets with identical colors and Accetta difrent for a game more practitioner.

The pattern mode is simple, and the same pattern s'enchanent without them click and no latency.
The four "Songs" is enchantment, so it's like having a trs long song full of variations.

There are factory presets and user presets (64 + 64 I believe ...)


Some snare drum sounds really terrible round of kicks goods, fine cymbals, claps are trs 'Imagination', the Latin sounds sound a bit too 'samples' but s'intgrent pretty well. For other sounds, it's pretty good overall.
Most are quite practitioner.
So there is no effect. It is used as a battery box in complment.
I dj alone (on my first songs, guitar + bass + vocals + synth + DR550MKII) and, in retrospect, the rhythm parts sound really good.


I have been using my 'beginners' less it is true, but I think that I spare.
The squenceur is very well, either as a block-note, like 'machine loops' Live in, or as supplment rhythm in a song.

100/120 Euros to rev it a good thing to have, but be careful to have the original power supply, or if it is necessary to avoid a power supply specially for a hum dsagrable (seek advice from a real seller).

I use other sounds to the battery (JV1010, Samper, GigaSudio, ral sounds - yes-) but still serves DR550MKII.

I think I would do this choice, not least for certain sounds.