Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm

DR-5 Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

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MGR/Gerry Aire 02/07/2004

Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm : MGR/Gerry Aire 's user review

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I bought this unit not long ago, but don't remember exactly where (that's my memory for ya). But I do remember how much I paid for it, $350. (that's also my memory for ya).

Most people comment on how great the sounds in the machine are, and I'll be no exception. This unit sounds simply brilliant. The drums are top notch, as are the rock guitars...I can't imagine how they could be any better. The basses are also rich and lifelike. Everything else is quite adequate.

At first, I thought I might like to have more than 4 tracks in the sequencer, but now I think more would be overkill. Four is enough for percussion, bass, lead, and accompaniment, and that's all one needs.

I have read complaints from others about the construction (something about the scrolling wheel malfunctioning) but I personally have not experienced any such problems. Memory failed on me once, when I used it outdoors on a freezing cold winter day. Lesson learned: don't use it outdoors on freezing cold winter days.

I enjoyed using this machine so much, I created a CD using it. It's called "CLASSY COOL", and it features pop-jazz reworkings of some well-known classical pieces. Check out some soundclips and hear the DR5 in action at:

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