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Boss DR user reviews

  • Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm - "Boss DR660 still useful !"


    I bought the DR660 when they were first out and the price was right.I wanted something to jam to with my guitar,then found out you needed to be a programming drum nerd and was bummed out.At the time,computers were not a dime a dozen,so the MIDI was u…

  • Boss DR-670 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-670 Dr. Rhythm - "good drum machine"


    This drum machine is easy to use. I was making beats within minutes of having it out of the box. The downside is that it can only do two measures and a fill per pattern, but you can copy patterns, vary them, and trigger them with song mode or DPP. It…

  • Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm - "Overpriced"


    MIDI, audio in, out, etc. UTILIZATION I have the DR3 and this one was lent to me. I had heard a lot about it and it was the perfect chance to try it out! If you want to edit anything, you'd better be a MASTER with drum machines and have a lot of p…

  • Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm - "Perfect if you like to program"


    See the manufacturer's specs and other reviews on AF. This yellow metal box is ultra stable and sturdy and the display can be easily read even if you are short-sighted. UTILIZATION The overall setup is rather simple if you don't venture too far. T…

  • Boss DR-110 Dr. Rhythm Graphic

    Boss DR-110 Dr. Rhythm Graphic - "classic drum machine"


    If you play electric guitar and don't own one of the Boss DR 110 drum machines then you are missing out big time. The drum and bass sounds are great as well as the guitar effects. There is a huge amount of flexibility with this unit... from customizi…

  • Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm - ericthegreat's review


    The Boss DR 880 is a old drum machine that you can get now adays for pretty cheap, I remember seeing a commercial with this drum machine in it back in the 90’s. You can still use this today, especially if you can afford some of the high end drum mach…

  • Boss DR-670 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-670 Dr. Rhythm - "Not a bad little unit"


    There are many great samples on this drum machine, all of which can have their tone, pitch, reverb, and decay adjusted. There are 200 preset patterns, 64 preset drum kits, and up to 200 user patterns can be edited along with 64 editable drum kits. …

  • Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm - "This should be your first.."


    The Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm drums machine was the very first and I mean first piece of equipment that I had. I used this thing for ever! I loved it, and was extremely easy to use. It had Separate outputs for the different instruments/drums and/or guit…

  • Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm - moosers's review


    The Roland DR-660 is an electronic drum machine that I believe was manufactured in the early 1990s.  In addition to being a standard type of drum machine, it also has the ability to record internally, although I've only used it for its typical drum m…

  • Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm - "Boss DR-5"


    I bought this unit not long ago, but don't remember exactly where (that's my memory for ya). But I do remember how much I paid for it, $350. (that's also my memory for ya). Most people comment on how great the sounds in the machine are, and I'll be…