Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

DR-880 Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

Dktr 10/26/2013

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm : Dktr's user review

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Digital out
Midi in and out
A and B indidual
Input for an expression pedal

Effects section:

TSC total sound control with 20 programmable options and another twenty fairly simple.
We are not obliged to use ;) for those who prefer to work on the sound PRO TOOLS.

100 drum kits are disposed and 100 are programmable
An EDIT mode is available to change the tempo, the kit and effects.
There is also a part FILL IN for adding bearings our patterns. Really helpful and very well done these bearings. There is a choice, from shortest to longest. They can be placed wherever you want in the pattern, if it is more a measure of course ;)
It happens that I do not find the bearing that sticks to serious piece and so I played myself on the pads.
If it is a complex bearing can return to editing the pattern and lower the tempo, it can help ;)
Quantification is fairly standard practice and
I use the DR quite simple. I made all my drum parts and bearings and then I send all the MIDI on a MPC 1000 to change the use of samples and sounds that I find better quality.

The sequencer is very simple to operate
I am a drummer and as I have less time to play a real instrument to compose the 880 DR helps me well


Frankly use is really simple and even if you are not too familiar with this kind of machine as I was before ;)
I started to pick on a BOSS BR 900CD and now on DR 880. I want to say that this kind of machine and I made it two and with time everything is really simple and it's coming soon ;)

Like any manual BOSS is very clear, but a visit to the forum and a little more ;)
In any case it's having fun with the machine that everything comes soon enough

The edition of the sounds is quick. The functionality of the machine and toned
Like in the kit EDIT then we have the possibility to make their own kits with eg twice in the same snare (easier for bearings) or twice the same bass drum mode. You can adjust the speed and level pads (useful for cymbals)

It also has guitar effects are good. Before finalizing the structure of my piece I play the guitar over to be sure the record


So sounds ;)

It's simple, 100 kits ranging from rock to jazz to reggae and techno. I would have preferred to have only 50 kits but better still. I am very demanding drummer with drum sounds.

Small problem though, I would have liked one or two more cymbals ... No two panic crash, splash, china and a ride (with bell) are available. There was even a gong at the John Bonham for those who enjoy ;)
For me in this machine two dozen kits offered are very good and in the realistic set for my style is funk / rock or pop / rock
As I said above after my drum parts I send everything to an MPC 1000 midi to use Semples I kif to death.

A kit consists of 3 x 20 pads. By pressing the SET key example it falls on the studio kit P001 1, so we 20 pads available. By pressing the key PAD is a choice between between DRUM PAD 1, 2 and 3 where there are other sounds like a good variety of percussion.

The patterns are really good and there is something for everyone. You can create your own patterns and add them to its own patterns.

The expression is good and again the velocity is adjustable so


I have two and since I do not like the kif bosser everything on computer and then use plugs etc etc ... I turned to the latest drum quality and I am very satisfied.

I love the simplicity of this machine and the speed with which I create my pieces. I like to take my head to create my bearings and so far I am satisfied with what I've done above.

For those who are interested I can listen to my songs

I bought the DR € 880,250 in very good condition and opportunity to report any concern ;)

Even if I balance my finished pieces on a mpc (and you may be wondering why I do not work directly on the mpc) I keep my DR 880 for:
1 - ease of editing
2 - bearings available
3 - patterns of quality
4 - percussion sounds that add a nice touch