Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

DR-880 Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 44 reviews )
 18 reviews41 %
 17 reviews39 %
 4 reviews9 %
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Value For Money : Excellent

Before_'s review"Overpriced"

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
MIDI, audio in, out, etc.


I have the DR3 and this one was lent to me. I had heard a lot about it and it was the perfect chance to try it out!
If you want to edit anything, you'd better be a MASTER with drum machines and have a lot of patience, because it's not easy to use.
The manual explains well how it works.


The sounds: Some are nothing to write home about (and take after the sounds of the DR3).
You can edit sounds to make them seem more real (and it works well);
You can adjust the drums and bass volume separately, connect your guitar or bass and use a small effects set that is pretty useful.
Reggae, ska, dub, rock ─ it has all sort of patterns.
Kick, snare, crash etc ...


I've been using it for one month and a half, I have the DR3, which I use to compose, to practice a rhythm.
The sound palette is pretty diverse, not always very realistic, but it can be adjusted at will, it has some interesting stuff.
BUT, its secondhand price is very high, IMHO. A friend lent it to me, but I would've been enraged if I had bough it. It might be very useful for some, but, personally, I'm not satisfied with it. I think I got seduced by all the rave about it.
Try it out before you buy it.

KekeDeLuxe's review"Perfect if you like to program"

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
See the manufacturer's specs and other reviews on AF. This yellow metal box is ultra stable and sturdy and the display can be easily read even if you are short-sighted.


The overall setup is rather simple if you don't venture too far.
The manual is clear, but menu browsing is a bit opaque.
Editing of sounds and effects: If you start from a factory pattern and limit yourself to inserting fill-ins and doing copy-paste, it's pretty easy, specially with the EZ function. If you want to create a pattern (and especially a song!) from all the pieces, it gets tricky (the time you spend programming you stop using the instrument, don't you?). It's a pity because the possibilities are very large.


Sounds and effects are adapted to my needs (demo making and/or playback). All rock, funk and blues patterns are nice and you can have fun with the shuffle function. The more classic patterns (waltzes, 6/8, jazz and anything else that isn't binary) are nothing to write home about, you have to reprogram everything.
The guitar input with amp/effects simulation is cool, it allows you to rehearse or jam with headphones without taking up too much space.


I've been using it for 6 years, for home studio only.
I had already used Dr Rythm 10 and the drum machine included in the Korg D1600MKII. I occasionally mix the Korg and DR880.
Which feature do you like best? The default patterns are truly realistic and easy to edit. The "world" percussions are superb (gong, Chinese cymbals, etc...). Its good velocity response make playing live with it quite enjoyable.
The least? Programming, but only because I am not gifted at it... Too many parameters to master.
How would you rate its value for money? It's justified, given the possibilities it offers.
Based on your experience, would you buy this product again? Certainly, but I still prefer a good drummer!

ericthegreat's review

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
The Boss DR 880 is a old drum machine that you can get now adays for pretty cheap, I remember seeing a commercial with this drum machine in it back in the 90’s. You can still use this today, especially if you can afford some of the high end drum machines like the MPC Line.


Programming is very simple and complete. ;I use the meter and tempo changes and it goes smoothly. The ghost function gives a human touch that I appreciate. I use it in rehearsals and on stage. The only downside, the bass programming is a bit long for my taste, but it does it anyway. You can really personalize its pieces and it's very significant, and for the stage, possibility of 4 outputs, in order to have a balanced facade (personally for me: an outlet for the GC, one for the bass B, and the rest , in stereo L & R).


sounds are great, comes with some great stock sounds as well.


This drum machine in my opinion was made for guitar players and bass players that either just want to hone their guitar playing chops or for those that like to be creative and enjoy writing songs. The DR-880 is so easy to work with. That's the beauty of this unit, you can just take it home and start jamming! I love to hook it up through my PA system and jam for hours. Who has time to read manuals? Yea there is a small learning curve to most electronics but this baby is great for live gigs, recording and so much more. You will be blown away with the sound effects for the drums and the effects for the guitar. Absolutely Killer!!!! Buy one today. Don’t wait, even though its an older drum machine it works great and will work great for you with your current setup. No matter what you are running.

yoTrakkz's review"This should be your first.."

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
The Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm drums machine was the very first and I mean first piece of equipment that I had. I used this thing for ever! I loved it, and was extremely easy to use. It had Separate outputs for the different instruments/drums and/or guitar, outputs for your headphones or external monitors and even midi.


The response, sensitivity and after touch are pretty good, and the price of this unit was great. This is a must try for anyone looking to get their fist machine. Notice I said first, because after you get some experience you will need to do more than this machine can deliver. There aren’t many effects, just the basics like reverb compression and some delay. But its everything you need to get started. I am very happy with my decision to try this. It set me up to understand other pieces of equipment that I use today!


The sounds are good, not great though. I was a fan of some of the drums, just needed to tweak them a little bit to get them to my liking.


This was ready right out of the box and it was very straight forward. Nothing was complex about it. Start it up and start going. The manual was simple to understand as well, nothing was difficult about this machine.
The memory did get full pretty quick though, it didn’t hold much. So I had to have extra storage for it, this is definitely a beginners machine and it’s a classic machine that will never be forgot about. You cannot compare this to an MPC or MV 8000. This wasn’t made to handle what they can handle. This was made for the basic beginners and it served its purpose. This has a step mode for the sequencer or you can record your patterns in real time, just like all of today’s software and workstations.

Dktr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super rhythm"

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

Digital out
Midi in and out
A and B indidual
Input for an expression pedal

Effects section:

TSC total sound control with 20 programmable options and another twenty fairly simple.
We are not obliged to use ;) for those who prefer to work on the sound PRO TOOLS.

100 drum kits are disposed and 100 are programmable
An EDIT mode is available to change the tempo, the kit and effects.
There is also a part FILL IN for adding bearings our patterns. Really helpful and very well done these bearings. There is a choice, from shortest to longest. They can be placed wherever you want in the pattern, if it is more a measure of course ;)
It happens that I do not find the bearing that sticks to serious piece and so I played myself on the pads.
If it is a complex bearing can return to editing the pattern and lower the tempo, it can help ;)
Quantification is fairly standard practice and
I use the DR quite simple. I made all my drum parts and bearings and then I send all the MIDI on a MPC 1000 to change the use of samples and sounds that I find better quality.

The sequencer is very simple to operate
I am a drummer and as I have less time to play a real instrument to compose the 880 DR helps me well


Frankly use is really simple and even if you are not too familiar with this kind of machine as I was before ;)
I started to pick on a BOSS BR 900CD and now on DR 880. I want to say that this kind of machine and I made it two and with time everything is really simple and it's coming soon ;)

Like any manual BOSS is very clear, but a visit to the forum and a little more ;)
In any case it's having fun with the machine that everything comes soon enough

The edition of the sounds is quick. The functionality of the machine and toned
Like in the kit EDIT then we have the possibility to make their own kits with eg twice in the same snare (easier for bearings) or twice the same bass drum mode. You can adjust the speed and level pads (useful for cymbals)

It also has guitar effects are good. Before finalizing the structure of my piece I play the guitar over to be sure the record


So sounds ;)

It's simple, 100 kits ranging from rock to jazz to reggae and techno. I would have preferred to have only 50 kits but better still. I am very demanding drummer with drum sounds.

Small problem though, I would have liked one or two more cymbals ... No two panic crash, splash, china and a ride (with bell) are available. There was even a gong at the John Bonham for those who enjoy ;)
For me in this machine two dozen kits offered are very good and in the realistic set for my style is funk / rock or pop / rock
As I said above after my drum parts I send everything to an MPC 1000 midi to use Semples I kif to death.

A kit consists of 3 x 20 pads. By pressing the SET key example it falls on the studio kit P001 1, so we 20 pads available. By pressing the key PAD is a choice between between DRUM PAD 1, 2 and 3 where there are other sounds like a good variety of percussion.

The patterns are really good and there is something for everyone. You can create your own patterns and add them to its own patterns.

The expression is good and again the velocity is adjustable so


I have two and since I do not like the kif bosser everything on computer and then use plugs etc etc ... I turned to the latest drum quality and I am very satisfied.

I love the simplicity of this machine and the speed with which I create my pieces. I like to take my head to create my bearings and so far I am satisfied with what I've done above.

For those who are interested I can listen to my songs

I bought the DR € 880,250 in very good condition and opportunity to report any concern ;)

Even if I balance my finished pieces on a mpc (and you may be wondering why I do not work directly on the mpc) I keep my DR 880 for:
1 - ease of editing
2 - bearings available
3 - patterns of quality
4 - percussion sounds that add a nice touch

alain.s's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" If you have free time"

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
For specifications see previous opinions


You really need to spend time on it (hence the title), because if you stop using it 2or 3 weeks should get back into the manual. As I am guitarist, "I can not" because in the end I prefer to play and turn the low battery loops (very good quality) and jam on it (at that price there are play back more easily and cheaper)


The sounds are excellent and all styles.
The entrance and the sounds intended to troubleshoot the guitar ... It avoids connecting all the stuff but it's way, do not expect a config amp effects.


I keep three years and then sold. I think it is better suited to a home studio every day that a performer (although the two are compatible) issue of free time.

Mrben's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good rhythm"

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
A box rhythms quite well provided:

- Many battery kit and bass sounds
- Effect processor guitar / Bass
- MIDI I / O
- USB for backups
- 4 Out Jacks, 2 RCA, SPDIF out and two switch inputs


Ergonomics is not necessarily well thought out, but the tool is ideal for rapid programming in real time.
I regret the lack of mute on different parts of the drum kit, and the slow processor. The machine churns 30 seconds to register a change of pattern or sound, it's really long ...


The sounds are very good. They fit very well in a mix.
The only complaint is the lack of sound identity, but it is what makes the DR880 is an appropriate solution for various styles of music.
The PAD is effective and a good expression level of the game


I have 2 years but very little use because it does not match my current needs.
This is a very good tool that I will buy again without hesitation.

pk.grs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Completely satisfied"

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
At the time of mobile computing, the BAR may seem obsolete.

But if, like me, you can not integrate in a laptop are installed, it is a material that will really service.

Comprehensive in connection with pedal (x2) for initiation and including stereo output.

You can even connect a guitar (or bass), with a few adjustments and a tuner!

Headphone practice: it can play the guitar in silence, with the benefit of the BAR, just with this case easy to carry.


The manual is very well done.
The use is very simple and intuitive.
The creation and / or mod a basic rhythm is instantaneous and is easy to tweak with the addition of chords and bass.


Very good sound, no breath induces great realism.


Bought used, this is an acquisition that I have absolutely no regrets!

I even use it to program my drum exercises to gain support in perfect timing for me to exercise.
jeff 7 adore.03/14/2012

jeff 7 adore.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
Audio Connectors, MIDI, USB.Sections effects of Cosm Roland.499 presets, 499 places to edit.
Editable on Mac and PC.


The config is pretty simple. The edition is pretty easy aussi.Le manuell is clear enough in my opinion.


The are very realistic, very well recorded and samplés.Effets adaptés.On can do anything with this machine by using effects such if we want to create sounds very compressed as to dub, trans.
Qelq'un said the sounds were already crushed, well not all, or very little, which can precisely edit them.


I utiliséplusieurs, this one is the most complete (the budget). Now the Tempest Roger Linn came out but it is much more expensive and not exactly the same destination.
. I demi.Ce for a year and I love the most is the ability to plug your guitar or bass, taken on the front (with the headphone jack). The rotary jog I love. the big screen. Ease of use. I love the three-way, bass, drum
and on the guitar before you can "mutate" each channel as you want it's great to work with its in it, great.

zwolle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Box has very steady rhythm polyvalante"

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
twelve o'clock OUT IN
Effects yes, also for guitar IN!






I use it for 2 years. Highlight: The patterns are bass / drums, so very efficient for guitarites inch keyboard, immediate Rhythmic accompaniment. Weakness: Saturation of the memory when the number of entries in the Notes user patterns. I do not regret my choice, quite the contrary.