Roland TR-707
Roland TR-707

TR-707, Drum Machine from Roland in the TR series.

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All user reviews for the Roland TR-707

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 15 reviews )
 6 reviews40 %
 3 reviews20 %
 1 user review7 %
 3 reviews20 %
Audiofanzine FR12/04/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Roland TR-707
(Originally written by jerome6/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- Can the sound be edited?

No and it's good so!!

- Does the unit have an effects section?

No and it's good so!! Separate outputs so external processing is not a problem.

- Sequencer features:

Amazing!!! I had heard about the reputation of TR sequencers but now I know firsthand what ll that talk is about ;)


- Is it easy to make settings?

Yes, the user's manual explains everything.

- Is the user's manual clear and comprehensive?

I can't complain, I find it very clear.


Do the presets fit your music style?

No problem in my case: Acid, house, vintage electro, etc.


It's my first TR and I find this Roland product amazing. The sequencer is mind blowing and I can only imagine the possibilities with a 808 or a 909. I understand why other manufacturers can't compete with it.

I can say now that I have mastered the unit and I know every function. After spending hours programming it I simply push the start button and I get fully programmed and edited beats out of the TR-707. I needed a long time to learn how to use it but it was worth it.

It's true that the TR-707 enhances your creativity, but before you get to that point you must understand how it works otherwise you won't get too far.

I bought it secondhand at an incredible price. Now that I've mastered it, I'm very happy with my purchase and I plan to buy another TR.

paradies's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The big misunderstanding ..."

Roland TR-707
Everything has already been said.
The characteristics cons styles pro / (+ / -)

Mini Mixer
separate outputs
trig out (via sequence of rimshot)
step sequencer.

the -
- 15 sampled sounds that some are fantastic when they are criticized throughout the D110/mt32 modules etc ... these are the same samples!
- No editing of sounds from the volume!
- The used prices often borders on the ridiculous.


Simple but very limited ....


Roland did not understand. In the early '80s, everyone wanted samples of high quality. Roland TR persisted with its analog (TR808, 606 and 909) and seeing the lack of success, to the filament sample with 707, 727, 505 and 626 ... and today everyone calls "real TR" that is roland? they resortent we fake old stuff with digital analos names Jupiters, juno sh ...
The raw sound of these are mediocre Tr. Separate outputs will work anyway, but then what interest in 2013 if it is to make it to the rack effect that makes the sound? much return there something else ...
But if we know what we want, we already have the equipment to accommodate the separate outputs, and we find it a good price, or you want to do live, we can of course consider the purchase of this machine.


Many people think that 707 is a little sister 909, and 808, it is not. The misunderstanding was that TR has a rhythm expensive box that has the look with its 16 steps that light, but little sound like the most nerdy low-end modules 80.

For much less, a Roland R8 offers many more possibilities, especially with the card samples 808.
a 626 will not have the beautiful array of LEDs or the minimixette, but all other features of the 707 2 or 3 times cheaper
and finally roland groovebox loaded with samples of 808 or 909 rpm, the korg electribe, offer all better for less ...

To be consistent, we need a 909, 808 or 606. otherwise, an R8 with preferably 808 card. A SP606 can also be a solution, despite the absence of separate outputs, as there are two multi-effects built.
This Tr 707 should be priced at 626 to have an interest on. But too many people think they have by purchasing access to the wand of beat maker ... and those who are disappointed refuse to sell their investment at a loss at this point, we understand that.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TR-707
- Midi in / out
- 10x + 1 1 audio out L / R out
- Headphone output
- Output trig via block of the rimshot
- Input-output "type" (very convenient but another time) to tape backup (or the mpc in my case)
- 15 sounds available non-editable (except the mixer section)
- Very groovy kind Sequencer Roland TR
- Backup M-64C cartridge (but OCCAZ price is downright delirium should relax).


- Very simple configuration, the editing functions are accessed via the shift key.
- Very clear and didactic manual as usual brand.
- The famous TR sequencer has not been matched to this day, it is a great pleasure to make beats with this type of sequencer.


- Sounds TR 707, with a big plus compared to samples (I have mpc and BAR digital / analog), say what you want but the 707 has an incredible potato. Coupled with proper reverb you get a very professional result and its incommensurate. My next three albums were composed on average of 30 minutes each, no compresion the plug, mini eq (but my table has very good eq) in short we spend more time having fun than trying have a big potato on the console, as stated above this machine has a huge sin.


I owned and sold x times. I have a lot of machines, the coolest feature, sound and sequencer, the less cool, I do not know ... The price is really too OCCAZ pushed, do not fool around, this machine is great but EXTREMELY limited. The 90s revival of time Pernet speculators sometimes LITTLE STRICT to make money on the back bushel who wants to pay his 707 to the boyz noize .. I think we need to know before buying this machine if you end up with a machine that will do a very strong type of sound. For most bushels who feel too Roland, pay you samples, or think because due to its very exaggerated side, to know what we do or do shit dad for the money ..

Let's be clear, this machine is very widely surcotée.

revega's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It's ugly aging ...."

Roland TR-707
Beatbox another era including basic sounds (kick, snare, hit hat, cowboy etc ...) 6 and 8 bit.
Its manufacture is 100% plastic machine fragile and not really built for the road.
We will retain this clunker that its sequencer typed 'TR' for the rest it is downright terrible.


Operation is simple and does not require a particular expertise. The grip is (in my mind) fairly simple and the manual is more to navigate easily.
Not possible to edit sounds and does not change anything in fact, the base is anyway quite unconvincing.


And yes this is where everything falls apart. The sound is very bad, 6 and 8 bit stuck with this digital grain away from living models of the 808 or 909. The bellows falls quickly.
No effect and all sounds very flat.
She is saved by a sequencer that gives it a certain groove but it does not last, the illusion of having a BAR interesting does not.
No sound comes to save the plastic box of the time it should have never escape.


I had a few years ago and sold quickly because despite its sequencer hyper 'groove' you can not say that the TR 707 well take the road today. His blatant lack of presence in a mix actually a BAR quite negligible and far from what can be found today in software or new / harware opportunity to Jomox, MFB, Elektron & co.
Its price today is a joke in poor taste. For me it is not worth more than € 80 and still in perfect condition and for specific uses (disco kitsch, cheesy funk, old 80's range for example), it is to say.
So if you think for one second revolutionize your set by using the TR707 you are likely a great disappointment.

wlad's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A beautiful object"

Roland TR-707
Digital bar, two sounds kick, 2 snares, 3 toms, clap and RIM shot, ride, crash, c and oh! 7 separate output. Adjusting the level of each instrument and focus.
Step by step sequencer, shuffle.
Midi in and out, sync


I've bought for two reason:
1) synchronize my 808 rpm or without other kenton midi / sync
2) failing to use his ride to have a 909


You catch a quick love the sounds!
The kick is dry as the typical electro snare.
The hats very similar to the 909, the bell and RIM are cults.
There really is something to do with some effect in the ass.
J have been a 909 but I will not spend my 707.


For lovers of the object because the hardware sound banks on the internet are more than enough to replace the software.
J loves cool, I has a 808,909,707,727. It is this collection that gives pleasure.
Kif is the last to take on the knees and compose rhythms without coler figure on a screen! Z
Gumpa Maker10/16/2011

Gumpa Maker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TR-707




Just to clarify:

the sounds of this machine are all that is most digital! 6 bits for the crash and ride, 8-bit for everything else.
the sequencer and also could not be more digital, such as those of any other TR-X0X and like the TB-303 ("computer controled," it does not mean "analog controled!")

listen to the sounds of this machine ... aliasing is huge on sound and for some well patinated digital noise!

Note that I attribute to the sounds do not reflect my tastes! I love its very medium and punchy! but we must admit, being objective, that sounds BAR ass!


I think today there is no reason to buy this machine for perhaps the TR sequencer and mixer system, allows a dynamic game in Live Session. acquire this machine depends only on the favorite (which was my case).

tweak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" in 2010"

Roland TR-707
Lunch, Din, and separate outputs for each volume, battery for memory.


Is pretty easy to use. The are not edited, so the sequences.


It takes at least a table with good EQ behind and there it sounds and it becomes flexible.
The sounds were fishing.
With EQ, reverb, compression and it sounds very, very current. BD, SD, AND HH sound great with the previous effects. It has become indispensable to me.
So I hesitate for a 909 or to change it by diabolical devices.


I do not regret my purchase. I have long scoured the flea markets to find it but no way, so I dropped € 180 and I do not regret it because it suits me.
I can pass the 909 but it was not sure because I have a airbase99 that is highly complementary. Always
Mr Carlitos01/06/2010

Mr Carlitos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TR-707
basic connectivity aside the separate outputs! there is no effect section. sounds are not editable. So it's a sequencer roland here we go with your eyes closed! The machine is plastic, it's vintage! it looks like the TR-909. Strength level is strong, but watch as the pads on all the machines from Roland!


it's really easy to use, mode of employment is very clear scheme has the support! This machine is "Royal" to be synchronized in a string noon! Well there is no possibility to edit sounds, there is no effect section!


the sound really suits me: vintage funky, some say a little too "cheap" but after that the taste of each !!!!!! The snare is really huge! for the rest we are in tone typed roland! For fans of "90 chicago house" is the feast! Adonis, Larry Heard, Marshall Jefferson and so on ......
Best of all, it stuck to inflate the sound effects!


After a year of use, my machine must "set "!!!!! After each taste it! but on his Roland Rhythm is really hot is groovy. This is not a TR-909! but she defends herself admirably compared to its big sister! in terms of price, well I paid 120 euros a year it! it doubled !!!!! I regret not having, now I am in search of her twin, the TR-727!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TR-707
-Are these sounds can be edited?

not worry and better!

-Has he an effects section?

not worry and better! then separated out to treat externally no problem

- What are the characteristics of the sequencer?

mortellll! Reputation séquanceurs TR maintenent I know what others speak;)


- The general configuration is it simple?

yes the manual explains everything
- The manual is clear and sufficient?

For my part so nothing to say I used from that in French a few spas tradui change but overall it's very compréensible I think.


- The sounds they are suitable to your style of music?

no problem for me VINTAGE ACID HOUSE ELECTRO etc..


This is my first TR doi I say it is too much I guess Roland séquanceur level of 808 and 909 I understand better now why the other brands do not mieu her.

I just say I was 100% metrizable all functions no longer a secret to me, after hours of programing I press START op There's a rhythmic song and programmed Complete Edition that comes out without touching the TR- FAU 707 but really want this and take the lead after j'adorrrree headache insured but the result is there.

frankly the TR-707 ammene creativity that has no doubt, but always well understood by fau if we do not do much with.

For my part, I buy 150 euro + 20 shipping is almost new I reviends maintenent O_O not that I metrizable bhein yes it's your 150 euros out these compten I am with my purchase and plans to invest in to Another TR

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TR-707
Well, a good old TR.
Certainly, it is neither the 909 nor the 808 or even 606. But the 707 is still a very interesting bcane.

15 figs sounds, not moldable (except volume): 2 feet, 2 snares, 3 toms, 1 clap, 1 rimshot, 1 cowbell, tambourine 1, 1 charley charley closed 1 open, 1 ride, 1 crash. With independent entrance audio output for each instrument (if my memory serves).

Squenceur 16 steps (2/2 or 4/4) or not 12 (3/4), recording in real time or not prog no.

Jurassic few KB of memory: 64 patterns and 4 songs. Very sufficient in normal use, dumping MIDI possible if need room.

Controllable by MIDI or Dinsync.

The machine is plastic from head to toe.


Fairly simple machine to use, after reading the leaflet.

No noise rglage if not the volume of each instrument (some apairs), using good old knobs analos and focus (also adjustable by knob) So no for several hours making head to find her, Roland has chosen for you.

The squenceur is very simple, it Fawn matrix step sequencer program like any TR, or in real time the ear. Beat grid obtained is relayed by an ancient LCD screen fawn Game'n watch.
Each pattern has its own shuffle (modes 4 or 5 only), the flame (the same) and loop point.
A large dial to the tempo, which led some loupiottent and that's nearly all.

We can chain patterns steals or mount them to create the songs.

There's way of Building a good rhythmic base in less than 15 minutes if you are inspired. The result will not be uncommon, but may be very effective depending on the musical style for which the 707 will be used.


The sonority Gnrale is typically pop 80s, very open and bright, with grain of era and especially the presence ... was very nice. In fact, it sounds a bit like a "small" LinnDrum, but with a mix of GPs tend sounds (snare, toms, tambourines) and other synthetics trend (clap, rimshot, hi-hats ) .dropoff window The result remains all the same rather homogeneous enough grace to end grain typ.

The 15 instruments are not products from VCO / VCF but are all "sampls," or rather, "enregistrs lectroniquement" (which should return to the same). These "samples" are musically very good quality, not the finest and dtaills, but with a very very good fishing or hitting (notably the snares). I think that each sample is catapult to audio output by a good old juicy VCA is what gives them their presence my opinion, and that compensates a little the absence of a veritable g nration 100% analog as the TR plus (re) known.
Some sounds have also apparently does sampls on other pre-TR rules.

I would have liked to find two or three instrumentals over anyway, such as a conga or shaker, which have always failing me on this machine.

Some say gladly that 707 it sounds "kitsch" ... it is not a priori wrong, but what finally kitsch, if not what is actually ... typs sounds but good quality musically (grain and presence, as I recall), so no ridiculous that view. The rest is a matter of taste.
In short, a sonority "type" but easy to exploit if the style is CIBL electro-funk, electro-rock, italo disco, or downright "80s revival" why not ... Uses more small doses, can possibly find in Hip Hop, R'n'B and House. But for Techno, Indus, the acid, the drum'n'bass or hardcore, has less risk of being downright obvious ... but it is up to you.


One of the big advantages of the 707 is its "small" price, while remaining good vintage (admittedly not very versatile).
With this bcane, we have the possibility of gross sin, without using any compression. All instruments of 707 will place without wavering, even in the presence of a few large analog synths "bulky" the mix. The patterns are easy to program, there is no doubt that with a little creativity we can well exploit this bcane in no time. Like what, even with old pots, we can do something other than jam.

A point is note: the machine as very "rustic", it never bugged, what happiness!

She has a twin sister, the 727, which offers Latin sounds it. Both must complter marvel, but the price of the two reunited becomes substantially less interesting (the 727 is a little rarer and most expensive).