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Boundary microphones user reviews

  • Sennheiser e 912

    Sennheiser e 912 - "price"


    This mic is a pre polarized mic that has a half cardioid pick up The mic is rather expensive to me and can cost over 300 dollars brand new and I don’t believe that it provide quality that is worth that amount of money. There are other mics in Sennhe…

  • Electro-Voice RE 90B

    Electro-Voice RE 90B - moosers's review


    The ElectroVoice RE 90B is a electret condenser microphone that is also a boundary microphone AKA a PZM (pressure zone microphone).  It has a half caridiod polar pick up pattern and has an XLR cable connected to it.  I have used it for both in the st…

  • Sennheiser e 901

    Sennheiser e 901 - joshsound's review


    This very cool mic is a boundary layer mic from Sennheiser. I just recently got to test one out, and it sounds great! You connect this mic with an XLR cable just like most mics, and since the technology is based on a condenser you are going to need…

Translated user reviews
  • Sennheiser e 901

    Sennheiser e 901 - " ben said so!"


    Micro originally intended to take the GC ... this is great work. Better than a beta 91 or 52. By or against the strong is is that I tried it on vocals. (I'ma bass-baritone) and there ... !! just great! great clarity, attack, acute beautiful grain, no…

  • Audio-Technica AT871R

    Audio-Technica AT871R - " PZM of Audio Technica"


    What kind of microphone? Micro surface for facing room. (Conference Room, etc. ..) What technology? See the chart of micro I even added me to AF. OVERALL OPINION How long have you use it? 2 years, but no microphone is produced by AT. …

  • Sennheiser e 901

    Sennheiser e 901 - " Unknown ... unfortunately!"


    hemi-cardioid condenser microphone for kick drum, substantially the same use as the best known of Shure beta91. A little big, it is sometimes difficult to pass through the vent of the skin of GC (when it is pierced). For cons, the XLR plug that fits …

  • Sennheiser e 901

    Sennheiser e 901 - mini stud's review


    Trs short notice for this microphone that is worth it ... I start: hmi-cardioid condenser microphone pressure zone, tudi to the bass drum. for wider use as a piano, choirs, etc ... there is the E912, I have not tried. I put eight, because no tr…