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CL-Projects news

  • CL-Projects releases Neutron

    CL-Projects releases Neutron

    03/24/15 in CL-Projects Neutron

    The third synthesizer for Kontakt in the CL-Projects Blue Orb series is intended for sound designers who want to create pads.

  • CL-Projects launches the Triode virtual synth

    CL-Projects launches the Triode virtual synth

    02/20/15 in CL-Projects Triode

    CL-Projects introduces Triode, a new dual-oscillator Lead Synthesizer for Kontakt 5, the second installment in the new Blue Orb Series.

  • CL-Projects Saffron for Kontakt

    CL-Projects Saffron for Kontakt

    09/26/14 in CL-Projects Saffron

    CL-Projects launches a new series of sound libraries for Kontakt 5 called Blue Orb, which first opus is a bass synth.