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Thread laptop sound recording

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1 laptop sound recording
I'm trying to record some lo-fi stuff on my laptop (an IBM x41 tablet) using a cheap mixer (a behringer, i believe), with the tape out going into my laptop's mic jack. When I plug my headphones into the computer's headphone jack, I cannot hear the sounds coming from the mixer in live time. However, if i record it into Cool Edit Pro and play it back, i can hear it fine. This means that I cannot play hear both my live playing and my recorded playing, to play over, obviously creating some problems. After some preliminary research, I have come to believe that the problem is caused by a lack of hardware buffering on my laptop. This is partly because i have set up the exact same system on a desktop, and it works fine. Any help on any of these topics would be greatly appreciated.

if you double click ur little speker and open up your sound options. you should see one thing that says Mic. usually muted and some programs wont let you hear whats going on unless you have that unmuted. so try unmuting that and if nothing hapens i have no clue.
do you mean that the sound is delayed? if so, its perfectly normal on cheap laptop soundcards