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Thread new to this forum... hoping for some help

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1 new to this forum... hoping for some help
Well im new to this forum, and as my subject name says im looking for some help.

I use FL Studio 4 to make beats and instrumentals on my computer and everything is running fine.

I install FL Studio 4 on my laptop, but thats wy im here.

I transfer the FL studio project files to my laptop, and i get this when i open it:

this laptop is a toshiba portege 7010ct with a pII 299mhz processor and 96mb or ram. (i know its old but i didnt expect FL to need a whole lot, besides it was 20$, and it met the minimum system requirements.}

PLZ help me, i need to get back to beat making! hahah

Early THX alot for any suggestions and help.
Woops, haha forgot to mention the problem.

Well the red sample buttons, with the names of the sample, are red, and dont make a noise, they blink when the song is run like normal, but no sound.

again thx for the help guys!!