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Thread new laptop config question

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1 new laptop config question
I recently put together a custom pentium M with the local computer tech where i live. we used an asus 9000 or whatever new model chasis is out, with 4 usb's and two fire wire ports, i was pretty happy about that.
whats weird is that when you press and hold a key on the key pad and move the mouse around at the same time, the mouse moves all choppy, i dont know if thats a common thing or not, it does it all the time regardless of what or if any programs are running, its not a big problem but it just seems a lil quirky, i was wondering if any one else has exp. the same thing?

also if any one knows any good tweaks in the bios to do or a good site for how to set up reg files or what have you to optimize a comp for audio that woudl be aswome , thanks :)