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Thread Best Mother Board Chipset(s)

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1 Best Mother Board Chipset(s)
Hi everybody,
This is topic for you and everyone who wants to helps tellingand (if possible) explaining why:

Which Chipset(s) is better to run a dedicated audio system, with sequencer, virtual synths, sampler, etc..??

Give your hand

I have no experience concerning this, but I´m looking to buy a new system and what I hear is:
Abit or
Asus P4P800E (the cheaper) or Asus P4C800 deluxe
Hola Aurelio;
Just a few suggestions:

OS: Microsoft WinXP Professional
Sound Card: RME-Audio Multiface or Aardvark Q10
Audio App: Cubase SX
Motherboard: Asus P4C800E
Processor: P4 at 3.2
Ram: Minimum 1G
Hard Drive: WD Caviar SE Serial ATA 250G hard drive
Video Card: Matrox G450 or G550
Power supply: At least 400W

No internet, no word processors, no games....just the music!

Not cheap, but gets the job done!

Hasta luego
Hola Ron,
Gracias por tu sugestion,
pero, las placas de M-audio no son buenas?
Lo que pasa és que tengo como dos de ellas, una audiophile 2496 y una Delta 1010LT, lo que hago con ellas? jejeje
Yo trabajo con GigaStudio, SoftSynths y Multitrack sequencer.

Hello Ron,
Thank you for you sugestion
How about the M-audio cards, they aren't good?
The point is, I have two of then.. Audiophile and Delta1010LT.
What can I do with it??LOL.
I work with GigaStudio, SoftSynths and multitracksequencer.
I might well be missing something but some of this sounds a bit overboard. I have a p4 2.4/ 512 ram/ 60gig/ (who cares what video card you run for a music studio/ m-audio (I forget the model) external sc/ laptop... It wasn't expensive. I run games and word processors and internet browsers and many different virtual studios and it gets the job done quickly and well. The only issue I might have is running out of hd space.