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Thread Linux or Windows audio SW that can perform time alignment?

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1 Linux or Windows audio SW that can perform time alignment?
Looking for a Linux (preferred) or Windows audio software that can perform time alignment on one channel of a mp3 file. I'm new at the software end of this so please be gentle.

Batch processing capability of mp3 files would be ideal, even just a bash script with a modifier to set the delay of the desired channel would work. I'm not afraid to type commands.

Here's my dilemma. I want time alignment in my truck stereo. I also want a huge capacity of music, so I'm building a pc-based car mp3 player with a LCD screen (almost done, I'm prototyping now).

Things like Pioneer or Alpine in-dash CD players with time alignment are out, they only play one CD. Pioneer DIN DSP EQ with time alignment is pretty pricey.

The Behringer Shark DSP box does digital delay. It would work, but it has a huge hot brick power supply that I'd have to adapt for use on a 12-Volt system (and I need two of them). Ugh, big $$ for the special PSU (I don't want an inverter.)

Standalone car audio or Pro Audio DSP boxes or run more than $500 (can't afford).

My cheap and simple solution is to experiment and find the best delay in milliseconds, and just batch process all the mp3 files I put on the carputer so that the Left Channel is delayed by enough time that the signal from it arrives at my ear at the same time as the signal from the Right Channel. Much like I would normalize volume levels on a directory of files.

This should be possible with most software sound editors or tools. Any hints on one that will make this easy in bulk for somebody with zero experience?

Thanks in advance!