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Thread Windows XP recording input

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1 Windows XP recording input
I have a SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 card and am using it for a bit of guitar recording using Cubase. Anyone know why, in Windows, only 1 recording input device can be selected at any one time? I want to multitrack using the mic input and the line input but at the moment can only record through one device only.

Cheers for any help, Dave
If you can only select one at a time, then thats what the drivers of the SBLive are designed for. I dont think its a windows XP limitation but a limitation of the sound card and its drivers. You might try www.soundblaster.com to obtain the latest drivers for your card under WinXP.

Another way around this is to use a mixer before the sound card. This will allow multiple inputs to the mixer but send out a single output to the soundcard.

Hope this helps,