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Thread Laptop with Midi inputs

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1 Laptop with Midi inputs
I own a VAIO laptop, but for some reason, it doesn't offer Midi inputs. I have no clue why.

For that reason, I'm hesitant to purchase a Windows laptop - and I can't find anyone in a store who has a clue about this issue.

Any knowledgeable souls here? If you use a laptop with Midi inputs, what make/model?

If you want to connet midi controler to your laptop you don't need midi input on laptop. Buy midi controler for usb. Most new midi controlers have both usb and midi outputs.
I did that. I bought a MOTU Midi to USB. But the MOTU software reveals no Midi Inputs. And if I look in my Audio Devices through Control Panel / System Settings, I have Midi Outputs but no Midi Inputs.
You don't need midi in in system setings becouse it works trough usb.

What recording program do you use?
I use Fruity Loops. No Midi Input there either.
Sounds like a glitch on the install. I'd totally remove the driver software. Then shut down. Restart without anything connected to the usb port. Go to Device Manager and look to make sure you have USB ports and root hubs listed. Shutdown again. Connect the USB interface. Reboot. Windows should find it as a new device and ask for drivers. Select the option where you can tell it where the driver is, and the direct the system to the driver disk.

USB stuff can be weird to get going sometimes. If the above doesn't do it, I'd call Motu.
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