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Thread Recommended studio computer specs and RAID 0+1 vs RAID 5??

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1 Recommended studio computer specs and RAID 0+1 vs RAID 5??
Hi all, I'm setting up a friend with a recording studio to start his business up. I'm very into Linux and more proficient in it than in Mac, so I'll be building a Linux PC. This is to say nothing of the price issue.

I know computer hardware very well, but I'm not that up on the requirements of a sound studio. I figure I'm probably short is some areas and over-equipped in others, so here are the specs of my preliminary computer so you guys can rip it apart, please:

AMD Athlon 64 754 3400+
4 Seagate Barracuda 120GB drives
GeForce Ti4200 128MB
Double-layer DVD writer (he wants to do some video editing as well)

for about $1400-1500, including a silent case and silent CPU heatsink/fan

This isn't including any audio hardware (I'm leaning strongly towards the RME Hammerfall HDSP 9632)

So my questions are (deep breath):
1. Do I need to add more RAM?
2. Is anything I've included excessive?
3. Should I try and get a dual-processor system, or possibly an Opteron/FX?
4. What would be the benefits of RAID5 or RAID 0+1? I know that unless I spend ~200 on a SATA PCI card with a RISC processor, I'll be using the system resources to manage RAID 5.
6. Is it worth it, or should I just stick with 0+1 for the moment?
7. And about the Hammerfall, what's the prectical difference between the 9652 and 9632? 32 channels certainly sounds like enough.
8. Also, I would need a mixing board with ADAT out no? Could you guys recommend one?

Thanks a lot in advance! :D
If you'll work with virtual sounds you'll need more ram. I don't know exactly about other things.
more ram is always good. Are the hard drives SATA? Consider XP. AMDs have been kinda shaky in my experience. I just bought a pentium D chip... 2.8 gighzt, o yeah, check out my post, it is FAAAAR cheaper to go with what im doing. Prolly more stable too. also, im not exactly certain, but having 4 hard drives could have more negative effects than posotive. It would be better to have 2 really fast hard drives than 4 decent ones. Keep us posted