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Thread Need Help in Designing University Program

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1 Need Help in Designing University Program

I’m a senior mechanical engineer at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.  Currently, I am studying with a team to develop a new musical interface where people can collaborate together while simultaneously create music.   The “company” I’m helping is for a graduate student, so this inquiry isn’t for advertising or spam, but simply for feedback.

The purpose of the product is to allow musicians in different geographical locations to design a musical piece together in real time.  The stage that this project is at right now is still underdeveloped with a very basic alpha that is subject to change.  Now, my group wants to conduct market research to the online community to find what types of attributes that they are looking for in a music creation device. 

The product is a lot like IndabaMusic.com, except the pieces will be recorded as they are manipulated, instead of being pre-set.  So, say if you have a guitar on your couch, and there is a bassist out there, you can come together and record in real-time to make anything from a jam session recording to a polished product.  All of the tracks will be kept on a cloud storage system and use Macromedia Flash, so as long as a person has internet access, they will be able to use the site, regardless of operating system / browser.  Also, the majority of the functions and effects of the application are going to be free, so the evolution of music is really the purpose of this project.

Now, I’m asking you guys to help me out with your opinion.  If you so desire, you can fill out a Google survey I created describing the experiences you’ve had with music.  What things are you looking for in the next level of music generation?  If you feel even more compelled, you can post questions or advice (please no flaming) about the product.


Thank you,

Lehigh University's Social Music Project


Hi!  How is this different than Ohm Force Ohm Studio for example?  I mean there is certainly room for improvements and for another online based in real time sequencer....  You guys just need to think you will be competing with these guys...  Either way, good luck with the project bravo