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Cort EVL user reviews

  • Cort EVL-Z6

    Cort EVL-Z6 - "Stealth black"


    The Cort EVL Z6 guitar is a Korean made guitar that is made for sound and quality. It comes in a stealth black design and looks very clean. The sound of it is very clean as well. A good friend of mine has this guitar so I have a chance to play around…

  • Cort EVL-K6

    Cort EVL-K6 - " My favorite skyscraper. And loooooin."


    We will not go back on it. She is severely burnée. Tailored for the métoool. Between the EMG 81 AND 85 active duo beat up the riff and solo send the ebony fretboard which I think good so beautiful and wonderful to play and that keeps out floyd mullet…

  • Cort EVL-K4

    Cort EVL-K4 - " The ideal scraper - favorite"


    A beautiful Korean lady, dressed all in black, with nice pentagrames repere as a handle, a sublime cross key 12 to 16 ... satin paint, handle end and well fretted over 24 boxes. Equipped with the famous pink floyd and EMG HZ pickups (I will return…

  • Cort EVL-Z6

    Cort EVL-Z6 - chouli's review


    - Alder body - 3 pieces maple set neck, 22 frets - Ebony fingerboard, active EMG humbuckers 2 and 81 EMG60 - A volume, a tone - 3-position selector - TonePros bridge with strings through the body. - Dark satin black hardware - Finish: S…

  • Cort EVL-Z4

    Cort EVL-Z4 - " It crachouille!"


    Sorry for the title I wanted to make fun of my friends french, no hard feelings to the fact;) -Made in Korea or are factory produced several Cort PRS and Ibanez. Bridge-type Tune-O-Matic -2 Pick pickup humbucker EMG HZ-H4 -22 Frets -.... …

  • Cort EVL-Z47

    Cort EVL-Z47 - " superb value for money"


    This scraper is manufactured in Indonesia, it has a fixed bridge, 22 frets and two passive EMG pickups, with volume control for each pickup and one tone knob and a selector three common position. And matte black pentagram on the handle. UTILIZATI…

  • Cort EVL-Z4

    Cort EVL-Z4 - " Huge!!"


    In which country was it made? MADE IN JAPAN How many frets, what kind of microphone and their configuration? 22 frets and pickups: 2 EMG HZ What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)? Fixed bridge What are the settings (volume, tone, micro s…

  • Cort EVL-X4

    Cort EVL-X4 - " For metalheads and not that!"


    - A neck 24 frets - 3 EMG - Mahogany body - 1 knob to the volume, 1 tone - 1 5-way switching - Vibrato type floyd The entire guitar is neat (the design of your body), the only snag is the junction between the body and the handle is really slop…

  • Cort EVL-Z47

    Cort EVL-Z47 - " Good start in 7 strings"


    Everything concerning the technical details, I think everything has already been said, or refer you to the manufacturer's data sheet available on its website. Very good surprise out of the box, being accustomed to good brands like Fender or another,…

  • Cort EVL-Z47

    Cort EVL-Z47 - " A nice surprise!"


    Fabirquée Indonesia there was a very nice 7-string Cort home. Handle a wider 6cordes (normal) but very pleasant, quite fine and flat. 22 frets, it's enough for me. Micro level it has 2 EMG passive volume by microwave, and a general tone selector …