Cort EVL-X4
Cort EVL-X4

EVL-X4, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the EVL series.

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Cherokee Mist 07/03/2007

Cort EVL-X4 : Cherokee Mist's user review


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"It is a guitar made in Korea I believe, like many other guitar of the same brand.
-22 Frets, 2 EMG HZ bouble microphone and a single EMG HZ
-A mahogany body
Floyd-type vibrato
-1 Volume, 1 tone with a puch pull switched to the microphones
And of course, a 5-way switch


The handle is Assé nice, well That a large can for me, I spell as a stratum.
access to acute is quite correct.
Nothing to say about the ergonomics of the body. As against the hergonomie the handle, and especially the size of the collar, is very good agreement for the nag, but when we want to play a finer, more funky, more cutting edge, we do not feel at home granny I then put 6. Anyway it is not really made for either.

Polivalente the configuration of the microphones, and good quality, whatever people say, actually a guitar very polivalente.


So here we are in the thick of it.
Personal bleuffé I was by the sound, much less typed a gibson, but it's cozy in a beautiful clear. In bébut I played a lot of rock in its saturation, but over time I started to sound clear.
While it's true qe is not necessarily the most appropriate guitar, but the price was unbeatable value. I tried other guitars (ibanez, lag ...) in the price and none of them comes close.

Personal've ever been a fanatic of the humbucker. So I play in beacoup split, it gets a heavier sound than a Start, with more than safe. So that the microphone is simply a skinny side of a split humbucker. For, it goes very against in position 2 and 4.

Saturated side is the best it flourish.
that side of the pickups are EMG nickel, they offer good Satus, full of good, heavy and aggressive biting well.


I've had 2 / 3 months.

Very good guitar for the price, at first intended for the metals,
but it can be made from something else if you take the trouble.
Even though it is most at ease with distortion.
420th bought in paris.
The downside of his funky leads me to wonder if I rferait choice.
But tt case I do not regret it.