Cort EVL-X4
Cort EVL-X4

EVL-X4, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the EVL series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 1 user review25 %
 1 user review25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Raphael33's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" For metalheads and not that!"

Cort EVL-X4
- A neck 24 frets
- 3 EMG
- Mahogany body
- 1 knob to the volume, 1 tone
- 1 5-way switching
- Vibrato type floyd

The entire guitar is neat (the design of your body), the only snag is the junction between the body and the handle is really sloppy, these two parts are attached by 4 large screws, they are not in Cort lace ! But good to limit it behind so we will not complain too much ...
Another problem is the tremolo is weaker than a Behringer ... I broke the first day (I'm maybe going a little too loud) but at this price they could have put a better quality!


Firstly, this is my first guitar, so I sorely lack experience but it has been over a year since I use it then this is what we can learn from its use:

- Access to the treble notes is very easy, no problem the above.
- The guitar is quite heavy but it is largely bearable!
- The handle is very nice even if it is not worth that of a good old stratovolcano.
- 2 knobs and a 5-way switching, no need to be Einstein to get a good sound.


Make no mistake, this guitar is not just for metalheads! It sounds great in clear and distortion is quite safe, you will be warned that the EMG!
I use it with a Roland Cube 15X and I can play in almost all the records from pop to metal. For solos add a good old DS-1 distortion type, delay and chorus and you take David Gilmour for sure!


Is my first guitar, I use it for 1 year and a half. I tried other models with friends but I've never been really packed.
Its price / quality ratio is good, not excellent. If you like good sound big drop do not deprive yourself of it costs about 280 euros used.

Negens's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort EVL-X4
I own the 2008 version. The shape of the head has changed shape, more pointed and "aerodynamic".

Made in Indonesia. I find it strange from that Cort has its factories in Korea and praised its design studio in other Asian countries. Either!

The body is mahogany or nato (who knows what lies beneath "mahogany "...?), handle in alder and rosewood fingerboard. 24 frets, a heel profile ergonomic ergonomic slightly resembling that of the Ibanez Sabre.

The junction body / neck is not treated and passes the day. The vibrations can therefore be transmitted properly.

The inlays are made of plastic, shaped like pentagrams)

It has a vibrato like Floyd to look a little cheap. HSH configuration with EMG Hz (EMG passive tasks), with a tone, one volume. The tone knob is a push-pull, which serves to double the splitter. And a 5-way switching for the waltz microphones. Level features is not bad. The assembly looks pretty solid, except the vibrato. The junction body / neck is pathetic! What will be worth 1 June


First grip. Weight: Without being really light, I would not say it is heavy. We saw light for this kind of guitar. But we will not complain compared to a Les Paul. It is a form superstrate-cut everywhere. It feels really good, sitting comfortably between two notches and a beer. Good overall balance.

Next round, we have a form called "modern U" that corresponds to nothing that I know.
Channel end, flat at the rear. It is so abused in the genre "is to make the modern" that it is quite grotesque. The key is large enough (without being so much as a Gibson), which I appreciate.
The radius is light enough to put a quick game, all aided by jumbo frets.

It's not unplayable, even enjoyable. But make no mistake, this is not a great race nor quick.
The polish glides very well, it does not stick, and the disjointed are affluent, and access to acute is done without much difficulty.

When empty, it has a sympathetic resonance, not as full as I am used to mahogany. Floyd vibrato type is however not really terrible. Therefore be pushed a little, he is in total nonchalance regarding the holding of agreement. Without side-saddle block his cousin-strings of a poor second to none. Fortunately, the mechanics are fine. The lacquer has a black satin look a bit "plastic" to close. From a distance, you'd think a guitar out of a batman movie. It is a bat-guitar (Nothing bad in that I like. This is a major motivation for my choice ... the look, not the next batman! Namého.). The vibrato is really cheap lower the note. This is a pity. It is true that for the price, do not dream too much either. But still ...

EDIT 2 January 2009:
I just finished replacing Floyd Rose by Kahler 2700 series. (Between us, it's much easier to replace with a Floyd Rose original. Do not take the head, unless you have a freak like me). The Kahler spring using 4 instead of 3 of the Floyd Rose, the string tension really looks like the 10-46 (with the FR, they seemed more flexible). The movement of the vibrato is a bit harder but more constant and mastered. The body resonates more clearly empty

Note 5 with the floyd rose licensed and 7 with a good vibrato I cut the pear in half and I put 7. Connecting the beast ...


I play lots of styles but appreciate the sounds accurate. I played it on several amps from Marshall to Fender. Sometimes playing a guitar mid-range, you say "Oh look, it goes something there, there's potential." It was this feeling there, but it stops there.

Let's start by having said that a big flaw: It is noted that this stew stuffed vibrato slums because of damage to sustain. In addition, it induces vibrations which one would go well in the bass. And obviously, it absorbs the harmonics. C'lui ah there it will not be short-lived home. And presto, it'll be a Kahler 2710 to mount as soon as possible (the gallery to get stoned again, inserts, etc. ...)

Already, a general point of view, the EMG Hz are really not bad (contrary to what some claim).

The clear sound: This guitar is nice clean sound! The sound is very pure, very straight, clear; Everything goes perfectly with the effects. Chorus a little darker above, and presto, it's clean to Metallica. For a guitar of this price, I was not expecting such high quality sound. cons ago by a little something I'm missing on the bridge pickup: I feel it does not render perfectly certain frequencies. The single is very nice. with a level that balances well with the doubles. He can be blamed a lack of body though. Palme d'Or for the neck pickup. It's full, it is round, and it is pure. However, it was not "hot" side of a good guitar. (The violin is not, obviously).
Here we are in very sound right. Although not the best mic ever. It is really very good. Usually, I do not like splitters positions on the double, but now I must say it is really worth. The bridge pickup has a slight twang that recalls something between the stratum and on TV. As for the neck pickup, it becomes very start type. Intermediate positions are nice but not exceptional. I expected better. At the same time, I never liked the intermediate positions. (A trick strateux that). Overall, it's ideal for arpeggios "dark". The next very pure sound brings a "cold" and fascinating. Paradox: although the positions splitters remind the world Fender, the guitar is doing too much at stake funky.

Taking the disto: Side bridge, this feeling of lack is identified, in fact, what it lacks is a little more high-mids and treble. It has no fishing either. There is nothing metal in the sound of this guitar.

This is definitely not my favorite mic.
It is done more for the rhythm for the solo. He defends well enough in hand position splitters, or it has a very rock side. The microphone is always just a little gem. Ideal for crunch and overdrive. Nothing to complain here. Again, the neck pickup is a joy, a very fluted side, while being very pure. quite unique.

Overall, I'd say it's a guitar for modern styles. Not necessarily metal. She likes the records in rock / heavy / metal / fusion / progressive. This is however not the guitar I would use if I want to do a blues. His great strength, it is clear sounds. It is very much in its crunch. And just to correct distortion.
The volume control and tone are excellently their taf. Not break your face to change the pickups, it gives nothing more.

The micro medium is feeble. Do not bother me to dwell.

Nice guitar, that sounds fair, but without character, and not exceptional.


I tried, played, owned very many guitars before this one, and still has 3. I purchased this model for very simple reasons: a nice-looking guitar, the violin well enough to be customized at low cost. It should however address some characteristics (MSM, floyd, 24 frets). The features are there, but the violin is not there.

The pros:
- The look
- Characteristics
- The ergonomic body
- The clean sounds
- The crunch sounds in microphones splitted
- The sound of the micro side handle
- The knobs whose race is very progressive and parfaite.Là for once, we would appreciate it on some scratch high-end.

The -:
- The vibrato very cheap place to agree and harmful to the poor sound quality
- The bridge pickup is missing potato in the high-mid and treble.
- The handle rough
- The overdrive

The price / quality ratio is just right. It has for its money, given the time.
The pickups are not bad but they capture what they send, and sends the violin nothing good here.
With experience, it is a choice that I would do it.
The guitar ended up in pieces

marvel33's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort EVL-X4
This is a guitar made in Korea I believe, like many other guitar of the same brand.
-24 Frets and not 22! , Power cord, flat handle,
- 2 EMG HZ H4 humbucker and a single EMG HZ S3
-A mahogany body type strat
Floyd-type vibrato
-1 Volume, 1 Tone puch with a pull switch for the microphones
-And of course a selector 5 positionsje is 10, for this price and this configuration is unbeatable! I looked for a long time guitar pickups 24 frets splitables EMG (EMG sound!), for an affordable price, 400 new! <img class="smiley" src="" alt="biggrin" />


the handle is fairly flat, enjoyable,
CHAC in acute is quite easy
Nothing to say about the ergonomics of the body. As against the hergonomie the handle, and especially the size of the band is good for the TRS agreement nag,
The versatility of the configuration of the microphones, and despite his cotsombre "in fact a versatile guitar trs, certainly his cot Start <img class="smiley" src="" alt="wink" />


A ssez agree with the Previous opinion, except that I like the double (I wanted to find the sound of these microphones Specific dja jou sue a piphone Z Wilde)


I've had six months.

Very good guitar for that price, not just mtal offers good versatility and good sound saturation
I would do without this choice hsiter, she got all the cattle, it has more than one friend tonn confirm guitarist for his ease its versatility and the quality of the microphones for this award. In addition, this cot dark ....
Cherokee Mist07/03/2007

Cherokee Mist's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort EVL-X4
"It is a guitar made in Korea I believe, like many other guitar of the same brand.
-22 Frets, 2 EMG HZ bouble microphone and a single EMG HZ
-A mahogany body
Floyd-type vibrato
-1 Volume, 1 tone with a puch pull switched to the microphones
And of course, a 5-way switch


The handle is Assé nice, well That a large can for me, I spell as a stratum.
access to acute is quite correct.
Nothing to say about the ergonomics of the body. As against the hergonomie the handle, and especially the size of the collar, is very good agreement for the nag, but when we want to play a finer, more funky, more cutting edge, we do not feel at home granny I then put 6. Anyway it is not really made for either.

Polivalente the configuration of the microphones, and good quality, whatever people say, actually a guitar very polivalente.


So here we are in the thick of it.
Personal bleuffé I was by the sound, much less typed a gibson, but it's cozy in a beautiful clear. In bébut I played a lot of rock in its saturation, but over time I started to sound clear.
While it's true qe is not necessarily the most appropriate guitar, but the price was unbeatable value. I tried other guitars (ibanez, lag ...) in the price and none of them comes close.

Personal've ever been a fanatic of the humbucker. So I play in beacoup split, it gets a heavier sound than a Start, with more than safe. So that the microphone is simply a skinny side of a split humbucker. For, it goes very against in position 2 and 4.

Saturated side is the best it flourish.
that side of the pickups are EMG nickel, they offer good Satus, full of good, heavy and aggressive biting well.


I've had 2 / 3 months.

Very good guitar for the price, at first intended for the metals,
but it can be made from something else if you take the trouble.
Even though it is most at ease with distortion.
420th bought in paris.
The downside of his funky leads me to wonder if I rferait choice.
But tt case I do not regret it.