Cort EVL-X4
Cort EVL-X4

EVL-X4, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the EVL series.

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Raphael33 12/27/2010

Cort EVL-X4 : Raphael33's user review

«  For metalheads and not that! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
- A neck 24 frets
- 3 EMG
- Mahogany body
- 1 knob to the volume, 1 tone
- 1 5-way switching
- Vibrato type floyd

The entire guitar is neat (the design of your body), the only snag is the junction between the body and the handle is really sloppy, these two parts are attached by 4 large screws, they are not in Cort lace ! But good to limit it behind so we will not complain too much ...
Another problem is the tremolo is weaker than a Behringer ... I broke the first day (I'm maybe going a little too loud) but at this price they could have put a better quality!


Firstly, this is my first guitar, so I sorely lack experience but it has been over a year since I use it then this is what we can learn from its use:

- Access to the treble notes is very easy, no problem the above.
- The guitar is quite heavy but it is largely bearable!
- The handle is very nice even if it is not worth that of a good old stratovolcano.
- 2 knobs and a 5-way switching, no need to be Einstein to get a good sound.


Make no mistake, this guitar is not just for metalheads! It sounds great in clear and distortion is quite safe, you will be warned that the EMG!
I use it with a Roland Cube 15X and I can play in almost all the records from pop to metal. For solos add a good old DS-1 distortion type, delay and chorus and you take David Gilmour for sure!


Is my first guitar, I use it for 1 year and a half. I tried other models with friends but I've never been really packed.
Its price / quality ratio is good, not excellent. If you like good sound big drop do not deprive yourself of it costs about 280 euros used.