Cort EVL-Z6
Cort EVL-Z6

EVL-Z6, LP-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the EVL series.

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ericthegreat 11/24/2011

Cort EVL-Z6 : ericthegreat's user review

« Stealth black »

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The Cort EVL Z6 guitar is a Korean made guitar that is made for sound and quality. It comes in a stealth black design and looks very clean. The sound of it is very clean as well. A good friend of mine has this guitar so I have a chance to play around with it from time to time. Only thing that I really didn’t like about the guitar was the feel of it. It just didn’t feel like anything I was use to like the Les Pauls, Gibson’s, or any other brand. I am not sure if it’s the fact that Korea used a different material or not. But the sound isn’t affected at all by the feel.


This guitar can play anything from country to rock to blues. I have even been playing classical on the thing and it sounds great. The sustain is awesome. I love the 60's style neck. I have smaller hands and can play this neck very well. The coil tapping kind of gives you the best of both worlds, either single or double coil and when you start to mix the 2 you can get some awesome combination.


You can and will get a very nice sound with this guitar pretty easy. All of the frets are easy to reach without any problems.


With an amazing sound this guitar can go toe toe with almost any other guitar in its price range. The down side for me is the feel. If it doesn’t feel right to me than I wont purchase it. Even though a friend of mine owns it, I wouldn’t go out and purchase it anyways. But without that Gibson feel, I just cant get too funky with it. But I love the all black stealth look. Not too many guitars go with that look any more, it was a faze a few years back but not anymore.