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Crane Song user reviews

  • Crane Song Phoenix Iridescent

    Crane Song Phoenix Iridescent - moosers's review


    Crane Song's Phoenix Iridescent plug-in is one of five tape/analog treatment plug-ins in the Phoenix bundle. Each of the plug-ins has the same interface and serves the same function but gives you a different color when it comes to adding some 'analo…

  • Crane Song Phoenix Luminescent

    Crane Song Phoenix Luminescent - moosers's review


    Crane Song's Phoenix Luminescent is one of five that makes up the Phoenix bundle of analog treatment plug-ins. These plug-ins aim to recreate digitally a tape saturation sound to help digital tracks sound warmer and more realistic. Each of the five…

  • Crane Song Phoenix Radiant

    Crane Song Phoenix Radiant - moosers's review


    The Crane Song Phoenix Radiant plug-in is one of five processors that come as part of the Phoenix bundle of analog tape saturation plug-ins. The plug-ins only come as a bundle of five, as the plug-ins are almost the same except that each has a diffe…

  • Crane Song Phoenix Luster

    Crane Song Phoenix Luster - moosers's review


    Crane Song's Phoenix Luster is one of the five plug-ins that come in the Phoenix bundle. These plug-ins are designed to add some analog warmth to your digital tracks. Each of the five plug-ins is a different tone in doing this, but all of them shar…

  • Crane Song Phoenix Dark Essence

    Crane Song Phoenix Dark Essence - moosers's review


    Crane Song's Phoenix Dark Essence is one of five plug-ins that comes in the Phoenix bundle of analog saturator plug-ins. Each of the five is of a different tone, but all of them more or less serve the same function. This is probably my favorite of …

  • Crane Song STC-8

    Crane Song STC-8 - moosers's review


    The Crane Song STC-8 is a high end stereo compressor/limiter for mixing and mastering purposes. It's an analog piece of equipment that has XLR connections for it's inputs and outputs. I don't really know the rest of the connections as I just know t…

  • Crane Song Flamingo

    Crane Song Flamingo - moosers's review


    Crane Song's Flamingo is a dual channel microphone preamplifier designed for use in the recording studio. It is an analog piece of gear and will take up only a single space in a rack casing. I don't know the types of connections that it has since i…

  • Crane Song Trakker

    Crane Song Trakker - moosers's review


    Crane Song's Trakker is a single channel compressor/limiter in the form of a piece of outboard gear. While Crane Song is primarily known for making software, they do also have an impressive line of analog outboard gear as well. This one is made up …

  • Crane Song Phoenix

    Crane Song Phoenix - moosers's review


    I didn't have any problems at all installing the Crane Song Phoenix plug-in bundle as the whole process was quick and pain free.  This plug-in in bundle contains five separate plug-ins, each of which is aimed at making your digital signal sound a bit…

Translated user reviews
  • Crane Song Avocet

    Crane Song Avocet - " End up mastering controller"


    It is a controller monitoring of high quality which has a remote control and a rack containing multiple inputs and outputs (analog or digital) and / A converter providing an extremely detailed sound analytical. You can enter multiple analog or digita…