Crane Song Hedd 192
U-FLYstudio 03/03/2013

Crane Song Hedd 192 : U-FLYstudio's user review


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converter 2 channels dedicated to high quality installation of your mixes or mastering
24 bits up to 192 kHz
dither 16 and 20 bit
Analog I / O, AES, SPDIF
a large bargraph for accurate visualization
especially three circuit simulators which made its reputation


conversion very pleasant and intelligent choice simulators to the place where you wish the AD or DA or DD between two machines!
the three simulations are:
- Triodes: slightly grainy saturation, for use on very old soul mix eg
- Pentodes: less saturation but beautiful harmonic generation, wider, perfect on almost everything
- And finally "tape": a beautiful tape emulation, with a nice low compression and a slight softening of the rest

A machine that sounds well thought out and who is in almost every mastering studios in the world