Crane Song Hedd 192
lm 04/15/2007

Crane Song Hedd 192 : lm's user review


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A / DD / A
AES / EBU and SPDIF (CAR) for I / O numriques
XLR I / O analog
Crystal Semiconductor converters


It's been a week since I work with, but I do not see why my opinion would change in the coming months.
Fidler the restitution of the original signal either in mode A / D or D / A
The quality of Harmonic Medical Treatments (triode, pentode, tape). Some combinations given me enough about the results to their work at the same pre-mastering.
The sparing of the machine: 25 watts, relatively little heat.
The quality of manufacture (including knobs and switches)

I did some A / B comparisons with various converters: Hedda 192, Mytek 96K, Creamware A16, my Roland VS2400 (which ultimately did not so bad as a. ..).
My clear sense is that the Mytek HEDDA and are quite close in terms of Fidler. The A16 really trs as below acceptable Roland and nothing more.
The advantage of HEDDA as having more of a quality conversion and restoration irrprochables, the possibility of Trat Generation of all the harmonics of the signal.

In short I won despite the large - the price!
I had the chance to buy a used but rcent.
The new price is 3300 (TTC) to Low.