Sony TCD-D7
Sony TCD-D7

TCD-D7, DAT Deck from Sony in the TCD series.

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All user reviews for the Sony TCD-D7

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Average Score:3.3( 3.3/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 1 user review20 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Denn's's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony TCD-D7
The TCD-D7 is quite a novel ... this device saves so unparalleled in CD quality, even in Long Play ... concerts, nature, conversation, (in addition to master models) ... with a small or large quality mic. But the game tape transport is inherited from the video tape, all in miniature, mine is never dropped, always pampered ... but what a pain! Yet when he wants to work well is the best!

purchased new in 1994 for 5000 FF with her little stereo mic, it already has a problem, the battery backup date is already out of order, but as I have almost a month to have it, I entrust it to the end of the store's customer service guarantee that covers the second year of warranty.

Back four weeks later ... weird, on receipt I found that the small gate housing cassette opens with a little more difficulty than before, but ... RAS for another 3 years, I don ' used in almost longer, no time actually ... and then when the show starts messing it full blast, and ended up falling beautifully stranded ... no function can be controlled lights ... .. yet he diagnosis SAV: slick controls damaged, several lines are cut by guess what? the battery is changed, the web has been repositioned poorly and suffered from abnormal stresses through openings in the door ... all this ends in a trial that I won after nearly a year, thanks to a consumer association. .. short repair is supported ... and as this layer is relatively easy to change ... I realize it would be wiser to buy a second TCD D7 secondhand, as it is the same price as the spare!

So I found a second, seems to work, but curiously in both reading and recording the answers and the "Flood" from time to time, then consistently ... OBD: two stretchers bands are no longer with azimuths playhead, they unscrewed or revissent on their axis with scrolling bands, their height can be adjusted with a small screwdriver vis.Mais settings do not, a little epoxy on the screw head does not change nothing ... instead, I can no longer rules! short ... when you change the slick device, I bought a third down well (no light at all after a fall) on a site well known for a pittance ... c ' is this last that I pick the buds and web tensioning screw for the needs of each other DAT patients waiting ...

Results: my first DAT more working again, to start it automatically displays the messages "error 10", without explanation, and I leave this concrete unit, while the second will flood over with his new screws but found "blank" to every request for fast forward, so that I leave the equipment side for a moment until I see the springs to the cold ... in fact the pb error 10 .. apparently well known of DAT, disappears in response locking of the gate K7 and the lubricant with a little silicone ... apparently the tension band that is every time you add or k7 portion of stand-by to read, can not done if the door is locked ... Morality my DBT-d7 working again 3 times with no manipulation., while the second operates at 90% apart from this history of blanks to rewind ...

To summarize my DAT were broken more often than running condition, with many galleys and without excessive use ... ... I would have the balance of these devices at least fifteen times, but their prices and the memory of renregistrements so good to me always forbidden ... finally I do not regret my stubbornness ...

As for buying them ... I think there's some bad luck in my case, but it is clear that some of these failures are well enough known that these devices are difficult to repair due to lack of qualified personnel, and as Prices opportunity comes concurencer any repairs, lots of these devices are stranded ... But again, they recorded so incomparable, MDs can not peg them, although more reliable. I have no experience at all digital, I doubt if there is restitution of the same dynamic that with the DAT.

Otherwise no battery, but batteries must be changed or recharged every 3 hours. the sound quality of these devices you do forget.

Without these disappointments, I pasted a 10.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony TCD-D7
Purchased 1993.
Crashes in 1994 Fawn incomprhensible.
It seemed to be a good camera, good conversion.
I had a Sony plant equipment trs expensive and fragile.
No power button, initializing the date and time each battery change.
Alim stranded breaks after 3 months.
The DAT Has a nightmare.
Foutage of mouth.

ck's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony TCD-D7
I use it for many years.
This is a great quality unit trs need to get any price for people who want to make the sound in dplacement with lightweight high-quality hardware.
I use it for traveling rgulirement taken its destiny my studio productions (sometimes even lead vocals) by coupling the ECM-DS70P gem from Sony (Micro Stereo ) trs trs cheap but effective too.
All giving me a quality sound irrprochable, even for my studio prods, and that although I am extremely demanding on the sound.
I sup the TCD-D7 to be team of analog / digital converter of high quality saw your exact catches her.
For connoisseurs, this is a 64x oversampling conversion.

It is very practical in its format to carry around everywhere.

The least I got ngligeables are:
- The mini LCD screen can light up (very beautiful blue at night) but this effect with the microphone that I use plugged directly into the TCD-D7: a lightweight causes a buzz num America.
The engine, for its part is not completely silent, but almost.
- There is no digital output, the less it seems to possder the tlcommande of this unit of APRS as I understand it is endowed.

Given that this is no longer MODEL made by Sony, it is easy to find dsormais in OCCAZ prices well dea its original price.
The report qualitprix as thus become extraordinary.

With exprience, I do it again this choice all the more the price of this unit are low compared dsormais trs origin.

ovni612's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony TCD-D7
Magifique portable machine!
I trimball abroad (I made piqu US Customs because my microphone was shaped like a gun barrel ...) in Tunisia, Rwanda ...
The best! great sound
Just a little rparation at the projection of the cassette system, its only weak point for me. (Somewhat fragile)
I have for over 10 years and I have not found better for recording and ambient sounds.
Obviously you need a good microphone ... otherwise ...

barnee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony TCD-D7
Bought used in 1996 to 420 euros. (Nine in Valle has 800)
Small portable recorder numrique DAT tape.
Sound of HELL!!
That's what I wanted. He has traveled quite a bit ...
I use it only rarely for 2 years.
Fabulous machine for sound. No regrets.
APRS 10 years, when I look at these tapes DATs registered with ... It is a pleasure.