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Denon DJ user reviews

  • Denon DJ Engine Prime

    Denon DJ Engine Prime - "as DENON stands for Quality"


    ... difficult, because there is no Downloadlink. As i can see in your Forum, others have the same Problem. I think this is stupid and can't work, so what u do for that Problem ? ... 14 Words remaining, so i write and write and write and write and wri…

  • Denon DJ DN-HS5500

    Denon DJ DN-HS5500 - "Plenty of effects and features, all at a great price"


    The Denon DN-HS5500 is a turntable and controller that has a screen built into it with high quality functions. This unit is like having two separate decks. It has an independent dual deck function that has separate outputs for audio. Both decks can b…

  • Denon DJ DN-S1200

    Denon DJ DN-S1200 - "Smaller unit"


    The Denon DN-S1200 is a CD and USB medial player and DJ Controller. It is a lot smaller in size than I was expecting it to be, which was not a good thing to me because the “platter” that is on it is very smaller. I have rather big hands and little pl…

  • Denon DJ DN-MC6000

    Denon DJ DN-MC6000 - "great functions"


    The Denon DN-MC6000 is a high quality digital mixer and controller that comes ready to go and easy to set up right out of the box. This controller has just about any function on it that a DJ could as for in this price range. All of the buttons light…

  • Denon DJ DN-S3700

    Denon DJ DN-S3700 - "Nice effects built into it"


    The Denon DJ DN-S3700 has a 9 inch platter, and it feels very much like some of the vinyl platters that I have used over the years. When I first purchased this table top CD/MP3 player I was not sure if I would like it do to being used to working with…

  • Denon DJ DN-X1600

    Denon DJ DN-X1600 - "It is good, but the cross fader is not so good"


    The Denon DN-X1600 is a 4 channel mixer that is on the higher end of the price scale from Denon mixers. It has USB and MIDI in and out connections on it, you can also use it on your PC or your Mac. The Denon DN-X1600 has over 14 effects on, all of t…

  • Denon DJ DN-MC3000

    Denon DJ DN-MC3000 - "For Virtual DJ"


    The Denon MC3000 is a controller for the software program Virtual DJ, it has a 4 deck control and two jog wheels. You can use the MC3000 on either a Mac or a PC. The Denon MC3000 is one of those pieces of gear that we all need to have if you are a wo…

  • Denon DJ DN-HP500

    Denon DJ DN-HP500 - "A beginner or learning DJ's headphones"


    The Denon Dn-HP500 are a very low priced pair of DJ headphones. The design of them is very clean and modern. They have a nice weight to them that you can tell they are well made, but they are not too big and bulky that they would be uncomfortable. Yo…

  • Denon DJ SC3900

    Denon DJ SC3900 - "It has some great new features"


    Using the Denon DJ SC3900 was a decent experience for me and there are not too many negative things that I can say about it except for the price. I am not happy with the price tag by Denon. Most of all the equipment that they make is very well built …

  • Denon DJ DN-MC6000

    Denon DJ DN-MC6000 - "A Good, Portable Controller"


    Last month I had the pleasure of borrowing a friend's Denon DN-MC6000 to play a show with and boy was it a blast. Having not settled on a favorite controller worth buying new, the MC6000 definitely surfaced as a viable candidate due to its very funct…