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Denon DJ user reviews

  • Denon DJ SC2900

    Denon DJ SC2900 - " perfect!!"


    How long have you use it? for 4 months Have you tried many other models before buying it? I always mixed on Denon dn-2600F, dnd 6000 and 3700 and finally dns dn-SC2900 satisfied (so far!) before on pio .... the cdj 500 and 100s and the 1000 …

  • Denon DJ SC2900

    Denon DJ SC2900 - " TOP"


    4 months, yes, it does everything I love sc 2900. …

  • Denon DJ DN-S3700

    Denon DJ DN-S3700 - " Reserves ...."


    Utulisée a month, purchased nearly new. Most have said in other reviews and my opinion on the 3500 (tray, ergonomics, opportunities ...) Cons: quality CD playback, sound reproduction key, CD or software below Pioneer. The plate too fast viellit b…

  • Denon DJ DN-S3500

    Denon DJ DN-S3500 - " Good CD player"


    I use it for almost 4 years, after turning on turntables CD format rack system (AudioPhony CD5530). I had the chance of getting a sale offering me 2 new decks for the price of a very, very big deal, of course, shot quality / price! I am not usi…

  • Denon DJ SC2900

    Denon DJ SC2900 - " Dependant use"


    I use it for a month I tested a lot of models from Denon (DN 2500F, DN-D4500, DN-D6000, Hd-2500) What I liked most was the possibility of decks network with the D-Link What I like least is the reactivity of Denon face a problem. Indeed, it is i…

  • Denon DJ DN-X1700

    Denon DJ DN-X1700 - " Awesome!"


    See the test is very comprehensive. UTILIZATION Table easy to use, a little less for the FX, the basic functions are immediately accessible. SOUNDS Transparent table, kills are effective, non-existent breath (breath little vinyl mode). OVER…

  • Denon DJ DN-S1200

    Denon DJ DN-S1200 - " Well!"


    I used since more than a year, bought used. I used CDJ 800MK2 CDJ 350 before and Most: - The accuracy - USB mode - The strength of the material Cons: - The hybrid mode with traktor or VDJ is not practical if you have not enabled hybr…

  • Denon DJ DN-S3500

    Denon DJ DN-S3500 - " Denon powaaa ..."


    I used these plates for 3 years. it was my first "big" cd decks up my two turntables. Before I had the TSB, the gemini, jb system of a dns1000, and try the pioneer. These plates had only qualities, its very balanced output, flawless finish, rob…

  • Denon DJ DN-MC6000

    Denon DJ DN-MC6000 - " Almost 2 years of use"


    I use several for my company and after 2 years, only the play and cue buttons showed signs of fatigue with pieces that do not leave or stopped once it was detrimental to chain. I did put more sturdy and switches since it works without problems. I…

  • Denon DJ DN-MC3000

    Denon DJ DN-MC3000 - " A real mixer!"


    - How long have you been using? Since Friday, December 7, 2012 - Did you try many other models before buying it? Pioneer DDJ-Wego, which is a toy next to the MC3000! ... - What is so special that you like most and least? Pros: Sturdy (ste…