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Denon DJ news

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Denon DJ MCX8000 Controller
    Hot newsNAMM

    [NAMM][VIDEO] Denon DJ MCX8000 Controller

    01/20/16 in Denon DJ MCX8000

    The NAMM Show 2016 starts tomorrow, but our team is already running down the halls to bring you fresh images of the new products. Meet the MCX8000.

  • [NAMM] Denon HP2000 headphones

    [NAMM] Denon HP2000 headphones

    01/27/15 in Denon DJ HP2000

    Denon DJ introduced at NAMM 2015 the new HP2000 headphones for nomad or club professional DJs.

  • [NAMM] Denon DJ MC4000 controller

    [NAMM] Denon DJ MC4000 controller

    01/24/15 in Denon DJ MC4000

    Denon DJ also introduces at NAMM a new 2-channel MIDI controller for Serato DJ, the MC4000.

  • [NAMM] A vinyl interface for Serato

    [NAMM] A vinyl interface for Serato

    01/24/15 in Denon DJ DS1

    Denon DJ had this brilliant idea with the DS1, a small tool for turntablist DJs that is introduced this weekend at NAMM 2015.

  • Denon introduces the DN-MC6000mk2

    Denon introduces the DN-MC6000mk2

    12/09/13 in Denon DJ DN-MC6000MK2

    The new generation of the Denon DN-MC6000 MIDI surface control for DJ has been unveiled and it is optimized for Serato DJ.

  • Denon DJ updates Engine to v1.1.0

    Denon DJ updates Engine to v1.1.0

    06/26/13 in Denon DJ Engine

    Denon DJ announces the v1.1.0 update for its Engine management software for the SC2900 and SC3900 players and controllers.

  • Denon MC2000 compatible with Serato DJ

    Denon MC2000 compatible with Serato DJ

    01/16/13 in Denon DJ DN-MC2000

    The Denon MC2000 DJ control surface is now compatible with the new Serato DJ software.

  • Denon DJ MC2000 Available

    Denon DJ MC2000 Available

    10/31/12 in Denon DJ DN-MC2000

    Denon DJ announces that its new MC2000 DJ USB bus powered controller is now available.

  • Denon DN-D4500 USB Upgrade

    Denon DN-D4500 USB Upgrade

    09/10/12 in Denon DJ DN-D4500

    Denon has added USB integration to the DN-D4500.

  • Denon DJ MC2000

    Denon DJ MC2000

    08/29/12 in Denon DJ DN-MC2000

    Denon DJ introduced the new MC2000 DJ controller, designed with Serato DJ Intro software in mind.