Denon DJ DN-HP500
Denon DJ DN-HP500

DN-HP500, DJ headphone from Denon DJ.

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JimboSpins 10/07/2012

Denon DJ DN-HP500 : JimboSpins's user review

« A beginner or learning DJ's headphones »

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The Denon Dn-HP500 are a very low priced pair of DJ headphones. The design of them is very clean and modern. They have a nice weight to them that you can tell they are well made, but they are not too big and bulky that they would be uncomfortable. You can rotate them up to 90 degrees for one ear action. The special thing about the Denon DN-HP500 are that you can really turn them up to the max (not that I recommend doing that for your ears sake) and still get a clean sound. These are a very good pair of headphones for a newer DJ or a first time DJ that needs an affordable pair of headphones for the first set up they purchase or first show they do.

After you can afford to get a different pair or an upgrade from the HP500 I really suggest going to the HP1000, they have a better sound. They cost more yes, but the sound is worth it once you hear them. I was using the HP 500’s for a good while before I moved on from them. I used them for months back in 2010 and they worked great. The Denon DN-HP500’s are a great value for the price they cost which is less than 100 dollars. I have used the HP 700 and HP 1000. The HP 700’s sound doesn’t different much from the HP 500. But there is a big difference in sound from the HP500 to the HP 1000. So if you start to get more serious about being a DJ then the 1000 is what you will probably end up going to after the HP 500.

I am happy to say that I used the HP 500, they are affordable and work well. You can fold them up and take them with you where every you go and not have to worry about them getting damaged because they are pretty durable.