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Denon DJ user reviews

  • Denon DJ SC2900

    Denon DJ SC2900 - " This why we buy the denon ..."


    I use it for more than a month. I tried the Gemini, the Pioneer, dns 3500 3700 1000 1200 ... They replace my DNS 3500. Nice design, ergonomics, ease of use, and all that is ... What denon buys What I like least: the disappearance of onboard…

  • Denon DJ DN-S1000

    Denon DJ DN-S1000 - " Good start for CD players"


    How long have you been using? I have used 3 years. What is so special that you like most and least? Most: - The hot cues. - Built-in effects. - The reactivity. Cons: - Mode scratch unusable. - No USB port. - Their colors. How…

  • Denon DJ DN-HP700

    Denon DJ DN-HP700 - " Its great, but very tiring"


    I have used for 3 years. I used models Pio. I love his sound, the bass is very good but not perfect (deep house). Treble them are almost perfect. Robustness (it is in very good condition for 3 years of use) I do not like comfort. Top of the …

  • Denon DJ DN-S3500

    Denon DJ DN-S3500 - " very good platinum, solid!"


    I bought two of occas dn S3500 (650 pair) there are about 6 months. I did try that numarck NDX800, which really have nothing to do with those below. one feels the reliability of these turntables, bontons (play, cue, loop, etc.) are very reactive,…

  • Denon DJ DN-S1000

    Denon DJ DN-S1000 - Big Fat Duck's review


    I use them for 4 years, they have never failed me. I recommend to all beginners and amateur. What I like: accurate, simple with just enough. The small size. quality. I do not like: as this is not a pioneer ... we are not trained to anim…

  • Denon DJ SC3900

    Denon DJ SC3900 - " Great product"


    I use it for 15 days I use double denon dn 2000, double denon dn 2100F, pioneer cdj 100s, pioneer cdj 800, technics sl 1200/1210 the - the manual (the manual is in English or Japanese) otherwise it is available on CD ROM supplied with the plate,…

  • Denon DJ DN-X1700

    Denon DJ DN-X1700 - " Super table"


    For specifications, see the website of Denon DJ. UTILIZATION Fairly easy to configure we know how to use a mixing desk. It is fairly intuitive, and I opened the manual just out of curiosity and for any function a little more advanced, such as adj…

  • Denon DJ DN-X500

    Denon DJ DN-X500 - pvesco's review


    Rackable yes 8 level inputs cd, on assignment matrix is ​​one of the highlights of this console, 2 microphones, effects loop for external effects Note also, the connections placed so well thought out of step with the top of the console. This allo…

  • Denon DJ SC2900

    Denon DJ SC2900 - " From Denon"


    How long you use it? I just have it today Did you tried many other models before buying it? yes dns1200 dns3500 dns3700 cdj100 cdj1000mk2 CDJ900 CDJ2000 What is so special that you love the most, least? most: great product very light use …

  • Denon DJ DN-X120

    Denon DJ DN-X120 - karabin's review


    2 channels, 2 line inputs / Phono, Mic ... What is the minimum for mixing! UTILIZATION A single table easier it is complicated! The manual is clear, even if he has not used much since the table is simple, everything is at hand. SOUNDS No br…