DiGiCo SD11
DiGiCo SD11

SD11, Digital Mixer from DiGiCo.

studiodhorlebaix 10/25/2013

DiGiCo SD11 : studiodhorlebaix's user review


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It is rack mountable. It has 16 XLR in and out 8 + 1 XLR AES-EBU in and out 1 AES EBU. Look no further for + / - € 11,000 you are not entitled to anything else. Of course you can take the remote extension (+ / - 5000 €). Effects are included. We have a simulator lamp works well and quite flat. The delay, hall and other rooms are really disappointing. The variety of effects is also "RAPIA" the connection. So we have really good but so damn bad filtering! For example we can see that the dynamic processor 1 fast viewing on the screen BUT the de-esser (which works very well for that matter) can be placed in one. In short, we can not quickly see its cuts on his voice! (By one against the de-esser will work ^ ^). The black buttons on black background also show a lack of empathy with the "people of the land." Snapshots that, by default, do not store the gains or the pads or the "gang". Of course you can easily fix but why the "gangs" are not there by default? And here I think we have a Ferrari engine mounted on a chassis Fiat 600.


Contrary to what has been said, it bugge even if we do not make mistakes and manipulation bugge when she forgets the content of its snapshots. But before realizing it must be switched off (like a barbarian who cut the power to the PC) and switch causing a very ugly noise in the diff. (Or you can take the time to cut the diff, of course ...)! In festival is folk! In addition, I have not found how to make the snapshot stores the layout (organization of displayed channels). Of course you will say that you can do otherwise (with spill) ...
So, this is not the kind of table that configures two minutes on the corner of a table chatting with friends ... That's for sure. Besides, mine, I have to wait until the last day before the set to the correct time!
The manual is like most textbooks; wrong. Still a lack of empathy for the user.


The noise level, this table is really amazing! Except for the temporal effects, treatments are very effective. The BSS DPR901 is integrated into the beast and it's really easy to set up on the hardware. on the other hand, he planted me once ... The cuts, eq are great. The preamp also. I wonder if there is not a flattery somewhere, a "délinéaristation" aesthetic. Why not? as it sounds. In all cases, envoiyant Sm58 in a flat through a SD11 or DM1000, it sounds not like at all! And this is the SD11 wins. But the difference seems too obvious that simply come from linearity above suspicion.


The price / quality ratio is completely missed. In fact, DiGiCo produces tables that manage the Olympic games, on July 14, etc. ... For providers who want perfection at any price. For those models that offer hundreds of inputs and outputs on much larger control surfaces, why not? But you pay for the SD11 expensive for a product that works poorly. My metaphor is right: A Ferrari engine in a Fiat 600 chassis.