DiGiCo SD11
DiGiCo SD11

SD11, Digital Mixer from DiGiCo.

JulBis 05/27/2011

DiGiCo SD11 : JulBis's user review

«  Excellence in tiny ... »

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Value For Money : Excellent
That a girl who has everything a great, almost.
Of its big sisters SD7, SD8 and SD9, it took:
- Audio, excellent, among the best.
- The processing
- Features: full parametric EQ, HPF, LPF, Delay, 2 inserts, flexible busses, graphic EQ, 4 effects, etc. ...
- Ergonomics (rather than the SD9) with large 15 "touch screen.

Small console it only includes the size (19 "rack), and limitations:
12 motorized faders, 16 XLR inputs on the console (expandable to 32 with D-RACK stereo and / or MADI), 8 XLR outputs (expandable to 24 mono D-RACK and / or MADI) AES AES IN and OUT.
For a small console, we only regret that DiGiCo level connectivity has not "reduced" to propose to the console a pair of RCA input jacks or a wire story without sacrificing CD 2 preamps.

For the rest, if you are blessed with the Big Sisters of the SD series, it's the same thing and it is right at home. And we look good, there is no sacrifice on the sound.

If you are looking for a great sound in a small format for the tour, in front or in-house, at around 10,000 euros, is the console for you.


Please note, we are at DiGiCo ...
You quickly understand how to do a mix and the touch interface is pretty well thought out.

But all that makes the flexibility and completeness of these consoles also their complexities on the basic configuration of the console. Better to be a regular not to tangle the brushes (and accused of planting the console ...)
Therefore caution.




I use it for 1 month with an experience of 2 years on other DiGiCo.

In this range, it is the only one I know.

Very good value for money if you know what you're looking (do not compare with a 01V96 course)