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  • DiGiCo DS-00

    DiGiCo DS-00 - "The best digital mixer"


    The top notch of digital mixers... 128 channels (and as many EQs, Compressors/Limiters, Gates, Filters)... The EQs sound like a Neve VR legend, I can say it for I know the Neve VR and this EQ clearly has nothing in common with those of Yamaha-sty…

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  • DiGiCo SD11

    DiGiCo SD11 - studiodhorlebaix's review


    It is rack mountable. It has 16 XLR in and out 8 + 1 XLR AES-EBU in and out 1 AES EBU. Look no further for + / - € 11,000 you are not entitled to anything else. Of course you can take the remote extension (+ / - 5000 €). Effects are included. We have…

  • DiGiCo SD9

    DiGiCo SD9 - " Well"


    Intuitive, efficient, it sounds. D-Rack 32/16 included with CAT5 75m The flight is heavy but well protected console UTILIZATION Large touch screen, the basic functions are easy to use, but the game is more complex than snapshot on Yamaha Supe…

  • DiGiCo SD11

    DiGiCo SD11 - " Excellence in tiny ..."


    That a girl who has everything a great, almost. Of its big sisters SD7, SD8 and SD9, it took: - Audio, excellent, among the best. - The processing - Features: full parametric EQ, HPF, LPF, Delay, 2 inserts, flexible busses, graphic EQ, 4 effe…

  • DiGiCo SD8

    DiGiCo SD8 - " A showman!" has images


    Comprehensive console, 60 mono or stereo tracks, good connectivity rack 48 / 8 home, I stretched out to 16, 8 in and 8 out XLR on the console, 8 AES (lack connectivity or RCA Jack local, it sometimes helps out ...), MADI connections in, out and link.…