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Soundcraft Digital Mixers user reviews

  • Soundcraft Si Impact

    Soundcraft Si Impact - "Flexible, with a great sound ;)" has images


    I bought this mixer after a long quest: I wanted a digital mixer which behaved and provided the ergonomics of an analog model :) PLUS, with a USB connection to a PC or Mac... I spend 5 years mixing with digital mixers by Roland, Behringer (mostly …

  • Soundcraft Si Compact 24

    Soundcraft Si Compact 24 - "Soundcraft does it again"


    The Soundcraft Si Compact 24 is an unreal mixing console that comes at a large price. I don’t think that the average at home musician or engineer can afford to have this unit in the basement of where they live. But if you go to a major updated studio…

Translated user reviews
  • Soundcraft Si Compact 32

    Soundcraft Si Compact 32 - " surprisingly old for his age"


    See manufacturer instructions and previous opinions. UTILIZATION Nice colors fader changes, but what good is it? Sends on Fader in direct accession through the small buttons bus. All that is an analog portion is available with a button for ea…

  • Soundcraft Spirit 328

    Soundcraft Spirit 328 - " Top notch"


    Console 32 inputs, 3-band parametric EQ on each channel 24bit 48khz max. Internal or external sync worldclock, 8 groups, 4 AUX sends and 2 FX LEXICON. 2 I / O ADAT or TDIF S + 1 + 1 assignable ADAT SPDIF IN OUT 1 + AES EBU. Bargraphs on each…

  • Soundcraft Si3

    Soundcraft Si3 - "The full mess!"


    This is a digital console micos 64 inputs / 24 outputs with bus line XLR / jack symmetrical inserts 8/4 input lines symmetrical jack / 4 effects processors lexicon / compression and EQ BSS 48KHz Sampling HiQnet behind, but that is useless! Mi…

  • Soundcraft Si Compact 24

    Soundcraft Si Compact 24 - " Compact, complete, wonderful gates! I love"


    24 built-in XLR and XLR out 16 integrated. Possibility of using stage box RJ45 expensive but they are strong, almost the price of the table .. UTILIZATION Easy to learn and yet very complete. Gate, Comp all the slices, 4 FX, 16 bus output S…

  • Soundcraft 328 XD

    Soundcraft 328 XD - " superb machine"


    Is rack? NO What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)? 16 mic / lines with inserts 2i 2o ADAT ADAT (or TDIF), a third ADAT output is available on which to route the bus or 5 stereo FX returns 2 stereo inputs 1 io spdif Io 1…

  • Soundcraft Si Compact 24

    Soundcraft Si Compact 24 - " j'adoooooore"


    I 'appreciate this console, it sounds good (better than 01 but less of VI1), it is intuitive, not too big I carry one, 16, 24 or 32 mic channels + 2 pairs st it enough to most of my benefit, for heavier needs I rent large digital console to my collea…

  • Soundcraft Si Compact 32

    Soundcraft Si Compact 32 - " Very good polyvalante console"


    - In 32 XLR - 2 In stereo in Jack 6.35 - Class A Preamp a lamp - AES EBU in / out - Inv-phase H-pass, Gates, compressor, four band parametric EQ's and delay per - 14 departure with Aux EQ 31bande of work of each Aux - 1 stereo departure f…

  • Soundcraft Si Compact 24

    Soundcraft Si Compact 24 - " Oh yes!"


    No rack 24 in 14 out more in hand 15 16 Fader motorcycle blah UTILIZATION Easier to understand you die ...... SOUNDS Soundcraft's just nickel Super quality effect ..... No reproach to a beautiful .... OVERALL OPINION 2 years and I…