Soundcraft Si Compact 24
Soundcraft Si Compact 24

Si Compact 24, Digital Mixer from Soundcraft in the Si Compact series.

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sw80 10/11/2012

Soundcraft Si Compact 24 : sw80's user review

« Soundcraft does it again »

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The Soundcraft Si Compact 24 is an unreal mixing console that comes at a large price. I don’t think that the average at home musician or engineer can afford to have this unit in the basement of where they live. But if you go to a major updated studio, one of the recording rooms will have this unit. It is a 24 channel digital unit , 24 analog mono mic channels and 24 fully motorized faders. Soundcraft has been known for making very good mixers in the past but the issue is that most of them have been analog mixers and not fully digital. This unit is fully digital and by far is the best unit they have mad to this date. I have been using and interacting with this unit since January of this year and it is one of the best newer ones that I have ever used.


It has over 20 effects all preset and they can all be controlled by the screen that is on the unit. There are 4 mute groups and 16 analogue master connectors. The touch screen on the Soundcraft Si is very easy to navigate through no annoying menus and a lot of stuff to go through to get to what you want. You can basically control everything on this unit all from the screen.


Each individual output has a graphic equalizer and a 4 band EQ for every channel as well. The Soundcraft Si Compact 24 mixing unit can make your whole studio project so easy. It is well built and comes with a solid warranty just in case anything fails or shorts in the unit.


Yes, the price of this unit is high. But if you have the chance to work with one of them you will see that its worth every bit of what it cost. The unit is well built out of solid and heavy material , I don’t think any of the knobs or sliders will ever get weak or break off. There is also 1 expansion slot on it too that you may use down the road but you won’t need to right away. This unit does not connect to your computer, because it basically is the computer!