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Used digital Multrack-studios

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  • Korg D888

    Korg D888has images


    Here’s a Korg D888 in near mint condition. It was only used a few times in a school recording technology class until the program was scrapped. As such it’s seen fairly limited use and is still i…

  • Roland VS-2480DVD

    Roland VS-2480DVDhas images


    Small puncture in top left corner from something that fell on it. No internal damage as it's just the plastic cover. Nothing under this to be damaged.Comes with 2 x VS8F-2 boards and 2 x …

  • Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

    Boss BR-800 Digital Recorderhas images


    Boss BR-800 digital recorder w/power adapter. In very good condition. 4 track simultaneous recording (8 track simultaneous playback plus stereo rhythm track playback). Guitar, bass, and v…