Korg D16XD

Korg D16XD

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D16XD, Digital Multrack-studio from Korg.

4 user reviews
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Korg D16XD tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Korg
  • Model: D16XD
  • Category: Digital Multrack-studios
  • Added in our database on: 10/06/2003

We have no technical specifications for this product
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Korg D16XD user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
 4 reviews100 %

Doc-Vazzo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D16XD
16-track recorder numrique 40 channels 12 bus
recording without compression on 40GB internal hard drive
64-bit internal processing 24/16 bit recording and playback and recording without compression
in 96/48, 44.1 khz
many tracks recording / playback

48 khz / 16 bit 44.1 simultanment 16 tracks (with optional installs aib8)
48 / 44.1 kHz 24-bit 8 / 16 tracks simultaneously
24-bit 96 kHz 4 / 8 tracks simultaneously
each track possdent eight virtual tracks for a total of 128 + 16 tracks in pieces.
8 XLR inputs with phantom power supply 48 volts from 6.35 + 8 + 1 between high impdance guitar
Optional 8 input jack suplmentaire 6.35 ref AIB-8 (about 300 euros for this option)
Between 1 and S / PDIF Output Monitor left + right, left + right master output
Front: 1 entrepdale expression or dclenchement, 2 headphone outputs with volume indpendant.
Other optional rear face: DIB-8 release from Adat.
LCD touch screen 320 by 240 pixels.
intgres rhythm box 250 that can be assembled with pattern table intgre tempo.
USB port for software update OS and Tlcharger wave file.


I have this machine reu 1 month ago and to be honest the user manual n'tait not provided in French. even so I felt comfortable rapidemment trs.

9 control buttons dnommes: chanel view, Mixer, because Cd, System, midi / sync, Tempo, Song, Track rapidemment help you understand the ergonomics of the machine without the user manual.
the D16XD possde 16 slices with inland: a fader a pan and topped with three function keys: select chanel, song / solo, Rec / play.


8 channels of 16 include an analog compressor (expandable with optional 16 ACB-8)

Mixer EQ EQ four-band EQ on each channel and eight Master bands.

(Compression library and legalization of about 50 100 scnes extensible with your own rglages)

Contents also in effect Korg is not left in us offering three Systm effects indpendant simultanment used for a total of 11 effects.
8 by insersion, 2 master effects (Stereo) and a final effect (Stereo)
There are a total of 52 algorithms, a total of 128 programs pRSET which you can add 128 user programs.
The effects are quite Varis and classs by CATEGORY prs can cover everything you need, the simulation of micro, rverb in various modulations, effects spciaux, specially mention for guitar effects.


I am allergic computer and I worked up the hardware Submitted on Roland. But what galre in ergonomics.
I was looking for a simplicity of use (such as 4 tracks of yesteryear k7) while aliant a quality recording to make music and not fall into the Mandres Technology dtriment of The Fast Fashion.
Well after 10 years I finally found the machine I expected.
Korg thank you.

entilzaah's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D16XD
For CHARACTERISTICS, dj is indicated everywhere. I note even when the possibility to record 96khz, which is not so common in this range of hardware (side of the mdaille, the 16 tracks becomes a 8 tracks ...). Analog compressors are efficient and useful trs, trs the touch screen functionality, automation even without the sliders motoriss is great, everything is intuitive and trs above all: it sounds!
I regret that I can be just as 8 standard inserts is not good but we made do.


Use: a child's play is the IDAL for musicians / probes: there is too much, but there are enough and the game even when mixing come, was what to do.
The manual is well done, there is a priori in English, but even for someone who does not speak English School is well understood at all.


That's what I prfre: the sound and dynamics are good trs. I can not believe the sound of the bass in particular; My first multitrack silent a little Korg D8. This silent a little limited but there was a particular sound. Then I had a boss br1180: trs good but not the warmth of her. And with the D16XD I find the heat of the first D8.


I use it for 1 month, I love the sound especially the touch screen, the effects of analog compressors and automation. I regret the lack of inserts but not rdibitoire and may be the sound it makes, forcing many s'loigner with a condenser microphone.

Report quality price is on, it's expensive, it can do more with a PC and Cubase for the same price, but to record an album paralllement config on a PC correct, I prf re D16XD 10 times that does not crash when it was taken, that sounds right away, that the pots, which does not fool after 4h unlike a PC on which a head or more eyes after 4 hours, plus it has a pretty face! What ease of use compared to the pc.

Without hsiter with the same budget, I do it again the same choice 10 times

At 23/04/06, I just see the D3200, which offers 32 tracks for less than 2000, gives a arflchir, even if it does not touch screen and compressors analog: If I had known, I would opt for the pt to be 3200 ... but d16dx qd m is a super BCAN.
julien julien02/10/2007

julien julien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D16XD
- 8 XLR inputs or line 8 + line with option card. Pads on each input, very helpful. Enter "guitar in" with special impedance.
- Master LR outputs, monitor output LR, MIDI input / output, USB output.
- Touch screen
- Storage hard drive (in the 30 GB I think) and CD / RW.


- Both simple and sophisticated. It ranges from simple basic recording functions editions, mixing, re-re, virtual tracks etc ...
- In one or two days we have in hand and the manual is very comprehensive, sometimes too (!)
- There are many shortcuts with the touch screen, cursors, wheel etc ... so novices may feel lost, but it allows everyone to work according to his habits.
- The gain knobs are not really linear, one notch to 3 / 4. The faders are flexible. You can change many settings very easily in "tools / system".
- In each menu there are tabs, many opportunities to discover!
- All functions are useful here: the frequency curve "scrub" the fade in and out, the virtual tracks, copy and paste, reverse track, and click the drum machine with compound meters, automatic registration, loc points in and out, mark, the coupling of tracks etc etc. ...


- Good momentum, its very correct. The set comes often "choked", so I tend to add systematically treble on the final mix. Nothing too serious, need to know.
- The effects are many and quality. Of reverbs to delays, cuts the amp simulations and microphone, filters to gadgets such as "Radio Tone" or "vinyl". You can put these effects in "in" for the sound or "tr" for mixing. You can change all parameters of each effect (balance, wah, cabinet type, distortion, time, out ... etc etc) so the work is very accurate for those who want to spend some tps on it.
- The EQ need to be bent to be effective, there still just know.
- Cuts tube mastering compression and are very effective to ring properly fast saves. Cuts on the analog 8-track are very useful for recording.
- The sound is a little dry if you have low-end mics but the dynamics are good and many treatments that can be corrected very easily.


I work with for 1 year 1 / 2 and I'm not disappointed. It took a little day to understand the overall functioning (especially to burn the songs on the CD, a manipulation to understand). I also do a lot of records on models 3-4 days recordings of concerts or educational interventions short and each time the equipment is suitable.
I have a small park microphone SM 58 and 57 and 52 and 81 qqs PG, I'm mat. Qqs between my skills (I work in a theater and rehearsal but I am not a technician training) and the possibilities of the stuff all works fine. Reliable equipment, simple, not particularly bulky ... Some groups have even officially released what was to be a model to begin with (even a 6 pack cd of songs for children in England ...!).
I wanted to add the AIB-8 board to have 16 tracks simultaneous recording, but apparently we can no longer get it in France following the new law on import of equipment containing lead. A check.

guitargero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Complete, simple, efficient, convenient!"

Korg D16XD
I will not describe here the technical characteristics of D16XD, you just know that:
-The screen is touch-
We can save up to 16 tracks simultaneously if necessary,
We have a few effects editable and storable,
It is very easy to transfer a component of the korg to his computer via USB or CD,
It provides phantom power for microphones,
-Input attenuators ("pads" with useful examples for a guitar amp plugged directly into the simulation via a korg HP) ...
-All the tracks has a separate EQ
Usage is very simple, but reading the manual seems essential to me!


In creating the piece, it is possible to create a "map" of the song so that will cut the duration of the piece measures, making them easier to find markers, and functions of copy / paste "," insert steps from here to there "so much easier than if we do not have benchmarks.
This map creation will start up (or not) the metronome which is fully adjustable (volume, battery rhythm pattern, rhythm pattern play, whether it's 4 / 4, 3 / 4, 7 / 8 ...).

The manual is clear, it took me about two days to read and take control of the machine.
The main function is to understand the following:
can locate a "loc in" and "loc out" two kinds of time markers, the desired moments of the song, then you can choose to:
-Delete any particular track between these two markers,
-Insert blank measures between these two benchmarks,
-Copy the interval between these two benchmarks,
- Etc. ....


The sound is very good, provided you have a pair of proper enclosure behind!
But I always manage to have good sound for my catch guitar, drums, keyboards ...
Anyway the sound quality depends on too many different factors to judge only the korg on this one (type of room, studio monitors, quality microphone ...).
I plan to buy a T-type carbon microphone singing sct2000, I'll post an edited review once I tested the votes taken!

I want to say that when I connect my preamp Peavey Rockmaster with the simulation of HP from Rocktron is integrated into multi effects Rocktron Multivalve I use, I sound CRAZY! Over the speaker phone has never interfered in the registration of a party.


I use it for about 2 years I made a model on this unit, I recorded my songs personal, I am using the D16XD listen to CDs, to practice my guitar, playing the synth ...

I think it's a great machine that surpasses many so-called "portable studio". This is clearly the most amateur equipment.
THIS IS NOT A TOY, just look at the price new at the time.
Over the Korg D16XD is very reliable, never had a failure.

Then I would add that it is always possible, once recorded the song to remix / mastering / editing on computer ...

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