Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP

Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP

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Nord Electro 3 HP, Digital Piano from Clavia in the Nord Electro 3 series.

5 user reviews
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Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Clavia
  • Model: Nord Electro 3 HP
  • Series: Nord Electro 3
  • Category: Digital Pianos
  • Added in our database on: 04/06/2011

We have no technical specifications for this product
but your help will be much welcomed


Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP user reviews

Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 5 reviews )
 1 user review20 %
 3 reviews60 %

mrjason's review"Better interface"

Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP
I have been using the Electro 3 HP since June of this year, it has no sequencer or speakers on it but it has some really good effects. The polyphony is 40 to 60 voices and the keys are weighted and have a nice feel to them. The Electro 3 HP was pretty expensive, but it is way better than the Electro 2. The Electro 3 HP does weigh a little more than I expected it to weight and that was almost a deal breaker for me because I travel a lot and go to different studios to work.


Setting up the Electro 3 was easier than the Electro 2 was to set up. The Electro 3 HP also has MIDI in and out with 2 main left and right outputs and 1 1/8 input. The design and layout of the Electro 3 HP is great, they made some major changes to the layout after the previous models of Nord Electro’s.


If you have always liked Nord for the piano sounds they have on the synths they produce then you will love the Electro 3 just as much as previous models. The organs are perfect , if you have the Electro 2 then you will pretty much be getting the exact same organs.


I would say that if you have the Electro 2 then I really wouldn’t invest the money to upgrade to the Electro 3 HP unless you like the newer interface that much better. Because most of the functions are exactly the same and the sounds are pretty much the same. There are not too many new things that you are getting with the Electro 3 HP besides the newer looking interface. But if you are looking to get the Electro 3 HP and you don’t have the previous models then this is well worth the money. I would buy it as soon as possible!
Monsieur Petrovna12/07/2013

Monsieur Petrovna's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Exactly what I was looking ... and more!"

Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP
You can find the specifications on the Clavia site.
For me, a major advantage: the quality / weight ratio + a cover option and the keyboard are very well designed. (The price is forgotten, the light remains ...)

No electronic keyboard is perfect ...
In fact, everything depends on what you search.
For my part, it was very clear I needed a keyboard light, transportable in the train, etc ... which has a good touch "all terrain" with sound, which .... for jazz, classical, variety, etc ...
Let's agree that to the sounds of "keyboards", that's fine ... for synth sounds, it's really cheap ...

I'm not a huge fan of touch (I much prefer the style of Yamaha S 90), but when it was not always roadies to carry the gear, it ends well by making some concessions.
To my knowledge, there is little - or no - keyboards 73 ratings that combine the technical quality of the game at such a reasonable weight.


Pouf: you plug and play.
Roughly speaking, there is a button function, so it's pretty simple and it works.
If you want to read the manual, it is very well done and you can discover a lot of useful features for the future.
Personally, I am very "plug and play", and I was immediately comfortable with the machine.
Something a little "blah" is to change the system sounds in the category "piano" bright cursor turns in the direction of clockwise 6 positions ... with a single button that must be pressed several times ... If you want to change her "the feeling" live, it is not very convenient. 1 button by category: acoustic piano, electric piano, harpsichord, etc ... like the good old Clavinovas would have been very welcome!
Then we can obviously edit a list of sounds that will be more direct access, but we must anticipate a little.

The issue is simple but again, with a bright 3-digit display, I think it is not very easy to not get tangled brushes.

Loading of sounds available on the site clavia is done very easily with my old Macbook and a usb plug.

The "North Manager" downloaded from the clavia site is clear and friendly enough.

However, memory is really just too soon you want acoustic pianos ... There is then almost no room for anything else, except for organs and sampled sounds.


I am that kind of musician who accompanies many very different shows, in often a little "roots" ... One day, it's a jazz session, then a young audience show, then a residence with a dance company, etc ... and as I'm not a star, I often manage to come with me my instrument ...

That was for "My Life", talking about the sounds!

In general, acoustic pianos do the trick.
I've heard better is the "Nord Piano" but it's bigger and it's heavier ... Here, the piano sounds together are a little "light" but it will.

Curiously, the sounds of pianos are often much more interesting: in clavia, there are many and they have a very specific color that works well in song or cabaret.

Rhodes is obviously beautiful, convertible at leisure effects.
Jazz or electronica, you can hardly ask for more.
Frankly, they are mega tops.
It seems almost obvious to say that since a priori, that is what we search for this model, but really, it does!

I do not really use the "electro acoustic" or clavinet, but they sound great.
Again, many possible sounds with the effects ...

Harpsichords are exceptional! Gorgeous! I unfortunately do not baroque, but I took it to improvise at home so they are hell ... And why not put the harpsichord in fashion? as in "Come on-a my house" by Rosemary Clooney ... (The taty George! What else?)

The samples ... There are tons on the site clavia!
Difficult to explore everything! .....
Back to "My Life" ... :
You go with your Electro 3 to repeat a show.
A priori, it is "piano" all along ...
Then the director tells you: "Here, I would like to sound spacey, blue, green, with pink stripes ...."
An internet hit and knob and you can offer him something that will look like.
Frankly, it's the "Swiss army knife" of this Bécanne and there is plenty to do!
I used harps, bells, church organs, and some sheets for shows ...
Some wonders alongside really strange things (like, you say: but who will use that sound?!)
And all this to work with effects!
If you have a little time to yourself, you can tamper with the cool stuff ...

I bought the machine for piano and rhodes but there in these banks to operate sounds wonders!

Organs! Hammond, Vox, Farfisa:
HUGE things vintage! Jimmy Smith of The Doors, to my uncle - who was on an organ of baluche Philicorda ...
A universe in the galaxy! The other side of the bagpipes!

Organist, true, will find the "pseudo zippers" clumsy, the ridiculous "split" function, the infernal keyboard - plus, there's only one! etc ... But I think more and use "home studio" this time: there way to have a sound that really is flexible and with "pseudo zippers", effects, etc ...

Personally, I never had these sounds then under the fingers and I'm really happy - although I do use live very rarely ... not too occasionally ...


I've had a year and a half. Purchased through Cygnus Audiofanzine! + Cover + stand. Pack ultra top.

So I needed a good instrument rehearsal, easily transportable weight + size (because he did not remember the 88 notes ...): it perfectly meets my expectations even more! - And I lugged with pleasure in the train from Brest to Toulouse, Lille to Nice, via Bourges ... in the metro paname too!
Well, sure, you need a good amp or a good system to check that can make the full extent of his talent ...

Finally, we can find better sound, better keyboard, etc ... in clavia or other brands ...
The problem is then the size, weight, budget, etc ...
Everyone does not have the means of "Pink Floyd" on tour!
The Electro 3 HP north is still expensive - and rare occasion.
It must be able to afford it, it is clear!
But for me, I do not think depreciate as quickly and especially take as much fun playing it in rehearsal, on stage, at home ...

It became for me an instrument of stage and home studio.

At the risk of repeating myself, this is my "Swiss Army knife" can take it anywhere and he had to meet in many styles.

Yesterday, I made a replacement in a Dixieland group and I was glad to take chorus almost comfortable on an instrument that had not smashed my vertebrae before.
When I started doing gigs, there are more than 20 years do the little guys! I coltinais an instrument to sound very encouraging that weighed almost 40 pounds .... An instrument as North was "the future of the future!"
I dreamed so ... I found from ...

But all this is still "My life" ....

See for yourself ....


Cemo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good compromise!"

Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP
For specifications => website builder!


Operation is simple if one takes the trouble to read a minimum the manual!
I quickly made my mark ... but it's not my first keyboard.


Sounds organ / Rhodes: Excellent!
Wurly: Good

Pianos: Good, but not what I know best. (I band the best and SV1 S90ES still above ...)

Sample library: fun and comfortable open the instrument!

The keyboard is the ultimate versatile, perfect for epianos good for piano and to my surprise, if not crippling for organ sounds (I'm not a "big" ... organist).


I made the purchase in late spring 2012.
I was in the order: a S90ES, a SV1, then this NE3HP.

What I like: a single keyboard to play in my band (plug and play!)
before I had a SV1 + VB3 in VST on a small midi keyboard.
The weight is great: 11 kg and yet I did not like playing on a toy. Beautifully finished product.

The least? like everyone else ... more memory and it was the top, however,
config in my group is not a problem ....

Repeat this choice? yes no problem!

capillotraktor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It is the job."

Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP
Keyboard stage, he does what very well Clavia ie the full range of electromechanical keyboards (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, etc..), Hammond organ, and piano. Compared to previous Nord Electro Additionally it features the new sample libraries (strings, Mellotron, marimba, voice ...).
Everything is editable via the supplied software, but very well done loading sounds quite slow I think, maybe it comes from my USB port.
You will surely make difficult choices on acoustic pianos because they are greedy and available memory is used to cram into one or two with a good quality of samples.
The special thing of this model is their new 88-key "imitation heavy touch" which also is slightly harder than a heavy touch of the Nord Stage 2, although it was not the same delicacy of expression. And yet the machine weighs only 11kg without the bag and accessories ... it commands respect.
I put an average rating anyway, I come back at the end of post.


The manual is almost useless, one button = one function, everything falls under the fingers, the screen is great, the effects set is a real pleasure ... Clavia ergonomics, no complaints.
Your only job will be to balance the sound levels between them before the concert.
You turn the gain, it saves it is folded.
All settings are savable.


These are the sounds Norths, very musical, and downloadable swap thank you.
The effects are a model of its kind, efficient and perfectly calibrated to the sounds of the North. The Wah is controllable with the expression pedal.
Note, when you switch to B3 expression pedal becomes the swell pedal and sustain pedal of the piano used to switch the Leslie, it is setting once and for all the menus and it's very useful live No need to have 4 different pedals.
The new sounds are the same quality, but the lack of pitch / modulation and split / dual prevents enjoy. It also regrets the lack of memory dedicated to pianos.


This keyboard is intended for people who want a keyboard with a correct imitation scene of heavy touch but refuse to carry more than 15 kg (including accessories) is the only real reason that made me sell my for the Stage EX thereof.
The sounds are very good in general (but it will spend some time on the piano before finding one that suits you best, what's the difference with Roland or Yamaha ...), the ergonomics are exemplary, c is reliable and solid, built for the stage.
The keyboard is really surprising for the weight of the machine, they have really understood something even if it is still different from a true heavy touch.
BUT there are still two or three little things on a very unfortunate keyboard euro 2000: no pitch and mod, no split and dual. Memory is barely adequate for proper use of pianos, but it passes. Another dismal retail for a keyboard released in 2011, not mid-day over USB ...
It is therefore very far from the flexibility and the road side of the Stage 2 (not to mention other modes of synthesis), after all depends on what you do, to use a piano / rhodes base is a the best market.
At Clavia it makes good products but are also very strong in marketing, they realized that people were willing to pay 3000 euros instead of 2000 for a pitch bend (a block and synth), it's called segmentation . My advice is to temper that I previously had a Nord Stage 88 EX (model above the range, but previous generation), and moving to this model I get the impression of a version control flanged ... basically if weight issues are not in your priorities and it will be your main keyboard scene, still take a look at the Nord Stage 88 EX hand, the coast is the same as the new HP Electro.
See for yourself ...

Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP news

[Musikmesse] Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP

[Musikmesse] Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP

Published on 04/06/11
Clavia is introducing its Nord Electro with Hammer Action, sporting a classic 73-key E-E range keybed.

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