Roland RD-700
Roland RD-700

RD-700, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

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All user reviews for the Roland RD-700

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 8 reviews )
 4 reviews50 %
 4 reviews50 %
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yoTrakkz's review"decent board"

Roland RD-700
I have loved the RD-700 since the SX series several years back, and Rolands has always outdone themselves. The Touch and Feel of the Third Gen - Progressive Hammer Action (PHA3) keys is the BEST in the business, and the synthetic Ivory keys are amazingly effective when out gigging and you get those sweaty hands. Now, in comparison to other stage pianos, the RD-700GX and NX are some of the heaviest stage pianos in the business because of the PHA3..... so if weight is a concern too you, I would look into the RD-300GX. But, I have had many Pianists sit and play my RD-700GX and comment on how shocked they are at the quality of sound and realism of the Action. But I also wish I had a 300gx sometimes as well, Cause the RD-700NX/GX weighs over 55 pounds


It's a good stage box, very versatile with the four layers, foot controller, and a good assortment of factory patches. I've tweaked the patches considerably, and am mostly pleased with the product. It has a great feel too it, not like a real grand piano or anything but compared to some other boards similar to this, this one just feels better.


Amazing 3 grand pianos 3 electric pianos ivory pha3 keys easy to use nice sound & touch response the best rd series congratulations to Roland job well done very recommended gear to all whose looking for digital pianos.


The 2 downsides for me are, the acoustic pianos don’t sound like they should or like they do on other boards. I think they could have a more rich sound to them. The acoustics are very mid heavy and plain. Almost like a boxy type of sounds, you will have to spend a lot of time on the eq to get them they way they should sound. Very happy with this board overall though.
Adrien B02/08/2011

Adrien B's review"Excellent keyboard, sturdy, well-balanced and credible sounds"

Roland RD-700

The keyboard is one of the RD 700's strengths. It features true hammer action (which was something pretty new for stage keyboards back then) and it's sturdy (having used it for years, I have never had a mechanical problem and the response of the keys has always been the same, due to the hammer action).
The manual is clear enough: The INC and DEC system to increase or decrease the parameters (which is typical of Roland) is a bit confusing at first... The use of more buttons would've been easier, wouldn't it?
The overall configuration is easy enough, keyboard adjustment is quite precise and fine.


The acoustic pianos were very good back in the day but they have gotten a bit old. Especially regarding the sustain because it's really awful compared to a modern digital piano: Sounds don't last long enough... You usually expect notes of a piano sound to last longer, not to be attenuated so fast! That said, one of its main strengths is that the attack, the "biting," of the piano sounds is incredibly real, so fast jazz solos sound very realistic, which makes the delight of the pianist. It comes perfectly through in a mix, the sounds are balanced, round and detailed.
The expression is rather good, it's a wonderful piano to play live. The dynamic response is excellent. Rhodes sounds are also noteworthy, very well-achieved, with a good tremolo. The strings and pads are just as good and the effects are credible, even if a bit obsolete nowadays.


I've been using it for live gigs several times a month for 8 years and it's always a pleasure! I have tested other models and back then it outclassed the Yamaha P200 and the P80, as well as the Kurzweils of the day... It was very popular until recently, when the RD 700 GX arrived, with its new keyboard and sounds, which actually bring about new things. The Nords are also better now.
Today, I'll keep it as a master keyboard and invest on a nice virtual piano to control with the RD 700 (I can't make up my mind between the Ivory II and the Garritan Steinway).
I would buy it again without hesitation because it will become a very good master keyboard for years to come!

rvladi's review

Roland RD-700
See the manufacturer's site.


The keyboard is a good old-school one and the quality of the keys is impressive.
It's very easy and intuitive to use.
I'm a pianist with 20+ years of experience and you can trust me when I say you can easily go from an RD to a piano and vice versa.


I bought it in 2002, it was very good back then, I compared it with the Yamaha s90 (which was more expensive) and I thought it was pretty good.
I have now moved on to vst instruments (Steinberg grand, B4ll, elektrik piano) and I only use it as a master keyboard.
The piano sound is OK, but the decay is very fast. Notes disappear very fast
Rhodes- Excellent
Hammond (OK) lacks amp simulation and other hammond effects

It's OK to play a small gig without wrecking your head with a PC and connections. I bought a SRX11 card to improve the piano sounds.
It's quite heavy, but well-made.

MGR/Dave's review"Roland RD 700"

Roland RD-700
Guitar Center. About $1900.00 over a year ago.

It is the closet keyboard to a piano thus far in the evolution of the things. It is the first and only as far as I know which can be used to practice on much like a real piano. The action is the best of breed. It has plenty of sounds and the usual keyboard fare but I only use a few. I guess what I mean is it is piano like. It is the only keyboard I would reccomend for those of you who are pianists and need a board to practice on when the real thing is not available. Or to play out.
And I think the action is such that it is not as harmful to your hands and wrists and other keyboards are.

I don't know midi and can never seem to learn all the complications of the thing. I can use some basic features but I know it will do so much more. Even just at the level I use it I think it is great.
It is somewhat heavy. Get a case with wheels! Stairs are tough.

Construction and quality are very very good. I've had mine a long time and it has been all kinds of places. I play in two bands and musicals and the thing gets around and has never acted up or given me any trouble.

This is the best stage piano in my mind. I would not replace it with anything else out there. I hope it lasts a long time.

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MGR/B Donaldson01/06/2003

MGR/B Donaldson's review"Roland RD 700"

Roland RD-700
For my 50th birthday my wife surprised me with a Roland RD 700.

I had been looking at all of the various electric stage pianos and thought this one looked pretty interesting as it seemed to deliver everything I wanted at the best price.

Thus, The keyboard was bought to provide an electric stage piano with variety of piano, electric piano, and organ voices. It had to be light enough to take when playing out and would otherwise be kept in our music room with drum set, amps, PA etc.

The Roland RD 700 was bought to replace an older, Alisus (sp?) Q77 keyboard that has unweighted keys, only 77 keys, is difficult to move from voice to voice since the LED display is damaged and has not been what I have enjoyed playing given a choice.

My wife bought The Roland RD 700 via an internet purchase at Z Zounds for $1,989, including shipping.

1. great weighted feel on the keys
2. excellent voices
3. ease of moving from voice to voice
4. In comparison to other similar stage pianos this seemed to deliver the most bang for the buck.
5. There is a sense of the piano having something powerful about it that is difficult to describe but thrilling to play.

1. have yet to find a matching gig bag or hard case

2. It going to be a beast to move around as it's pretty heavy

3. There are better B-3 Leslie voices out there

seems very sturdy; so far so good

The Roland RD 700, though a big expense for our budget, seemed to offer the most value in the category and seems to be exactly what I thought it would be. I did not expect to have such difficulty finding a gig bag or hard shell to fit it but further exploration may solve that problem.

Only having it for the last two months I am pleased thus far.

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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-700
See below. Complete connectivity to note the lack of audio input as the fp2 or vk8m. No USB dumps to computer, which is indicative of the "obsolescence" of this keyboard (yes already!)


One of the best touch I've played. The config and ergonomics are really great. Large buttons. As a master keyboard is fine too, thanks to the function tx and a backlit display. Manual fine.


Sounds, there is the real problem. Generation (method) of sample is old and it means: decay of the envelope unrealistic ... Note no "reason" not in some ways like a real piano. The electric pianos are ok, just ok. the bass is ok ... The rhythms are very well (with some features of arrangement fill-in etc). But not enough.

The organs are from the series VK7 (see my review on this product)


I used it for a few months then I sold it. This is a good keyboard (especially a very good master keyboard) but the lack of sustain piano was unacceptable to me. I tried many other models and since I now have a fp2 I am delighted.

What I liked most was the touch and feel really great (backlit). The least: the sounds of piano and weight (25 kg).
phi phi05/18/2004

phi phi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-700
88-key hammer
Comprehensive range of sounds. Everything is partamétrable via an LCD screen very comfortable to use
The connection is suitable. Damper, midi out / in, audio out / in.


The touch of piano is really great. I have lots of keyboards and an upright piano, and I find the feel extremely close. The sensations are very nice.
This allows for a very realistic game dynamics (which is sorely lacking in many keyboard). We are getting closer (to give you an idea) of a good Fatar, only better!
Setup is easy: buttons with names on it !!!!! and the LCD is very handy for low-light
I think I only opened the manual for shortcuts.


Rd 700 for me is perfect. I use it to make the piano bar or jazz. The sound is very balanced in the mix.
I love the electric keyboards and strings.
And especially the "layer" very practical. For example I hold down "E.piano" and while holding down this key I press "Strings" or "pad", and presto! These are my sounds bunk! and everything like that.
There are four controller to manage the level of each party in real time.


The piano is my livelihood!
I do not know what I'll do without him. Everything is in it: the bass, the drum machine, pianos fabulous tablecloths.
I use it for 2 years and I am very happy.
The only downside: I wish I could program the drums and more brass sounds.
But hey, I do not take a single keyboard stroke. !
And then I carried my CP 80 then ...
I buy it eyes closed!

mica.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RD-700
Keyboard 88 keys (Progressive Hammer Action)
128-voice polyphony
sounds: 468, set up: 100
65 effects types (the XV3080)
4 reverbs
2 chorus
3-band digital equalizer
Powerful arpeggiator (45 styles)
many sliders to play tps rel
pitch bend lever
Connectivity: noon (in, out through) and a 3pedales 2output phone "really the minimum!"


The touch keyboard is a very large qualitrglable, play on relement is enjoyable whether it be a piano or other
the manual is very explicit use of the 700 rd is very intuitive, very simple (screen large enough)
an expander control with RD is very easy with a touch "midi tx"
it takes a nose can put in the manual to work its sounds, its set up but just very quickly ca


The sounds are simply gniaux!
the piano ralistes are hyper, very good nap rhodes the terrible, good bass (sounds hot)
simulated organ sounds phonic wheel (VK7 style) edition with graphic drawbars!
résumé for the sounds are very ralistes and high quality
Thirsty for more sound you have to know that there are two bays for SRX, but really there is already enough to make!
the effects are customizable and good qualitbr /> a little "jazz cat" very nice although not really usable!
small catch: brass, I do not find very convincing


I use it for over a year, and I love it!
Keyboard great scene, great look
I have a ream Fatar 1100, a p80, fp3 before buying the 700 rd: it is something else!
do it again if I should not hesitate one second, despite its price a little elevbr /> is really a very good digital piano ...

a 9 connector just for a little light for its price and a little bit high but they forget quickly when you find yourself sitting in front!