Roland Fantom XR
Roland Fantom XR
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All user reviews for the Roland Fantom XR

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 16 reviews )
 10 reviews63 %
 2 reviews13 %
 2 reviews13 %
 1 user review6 %
Value For Money : Excellent
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Roland Fantom XR
Nice USB connectivity to the PC.



Very easy to use. ROland even posts a Cubase patch file on their web site. And Roland techs will walk you thru setting it up with Cubase (over the phone).

Hasn't broke down on me yet, but I heard there were defects in the early models.


The sound quality is pretty good. Nice variety to choose from.


It's definitely one of my staples in the studio.

Originally posted on
Posted by: SaltyDawg ( 8-, 2005)

Fred160656's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Best compromise with a wind controller"

Roland Fantom XR
Everything has already been said on the Fantom XR
I will not dwell on the technical features which have already been described
I focused on use with a wind controller Akai EWI and Yamaha WX


Through edieur it is quite easy to adapt the sounds for use with a wind controller
It is preferable to equip the card Fantom XR


The structure and architecture of the Fantom XR sound is certainly one of the best for using a wind controller. It allows a perfect control over the sounds.
With the addition of sound banks programmed by Matt Traum (Mr Patchman) Fantom XR is the ultimate weapon for any user of wind controller. (Sounds like the brass, woodwinds, are among the most realistic I've heard, even better than on-7 lIntegra yet newer.
Lead synth sounds are also very powerful and péchus and allow for very expressive solo.


I have for over 2 years now and never get tired of using my EWI 4000S.
I even considered buying a Fantom XR second

**ZulukingZ**'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom XR






My old expander of the same type silent grounds rack (first name). It is not comparable, the presets sound trs well for most. A highlight is probably the pianos are terrible. The guitars are not bad, I'm a little low in the DCU against it, but spending time in a program there must be a way out I think its well phat. The lead is more electronic sounds are really good on the whole, may be working too hard so that I can not use half I would have leaned more on the prog srieusement . The effects section is really of quality and a variation on There's quite mind-blowing effects, my prfr lofi-compress, to make dirty beats good old school there's no better, we believe to have an old 8-bit sampler hands!
I just trs sample with the ghost because it's pretty galre, there is not a intuitiva mpc. The timestretch carrment is crap compared to my 2000XL that even when more than 10 years! However, the edition of the samples is much more growth.
APRS have various rflexions them vis a vis this machine, I concluded that it is a good machine trs, I pay around 800 euros and I think it's the that it is the rack price. Do not pay 1220 euros because it's a big scam!
Fat ice02/17/2008

Fat ice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom XR
Hi man !!! (predator 45)
Me too I'm beatmaker!
jvoulais and bought a rack pattern or Fantom XR!
What should I purchased the first to you?
j'recherche violins with a big attack, the choirs, the brass and synth sounds udders!
thank you to answer me !!! j'te and let my address (BATUVOIKOI@HOTMAIL.COM)






predateur 4508/09/2007

predateur 45's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom XR
The sounds are warm Roland


It just sucks that the manual do not be in french but if not able to pass the time we go out in s


The sound is clear that there conviennet compared to the music I make I make hip-hop's clear to her dismount me anyway I work with three references to hip-hop the Korg TR, the Motif 6, and Roland Fantom XR, history of being at ease with my o nivo banks sound


It's been two days that I have and I've already produces about 6 sounds sweet with that thing
This expendeur turie and I recommend it for hip-hop beat maker for this guy that make the dance techno and more there is a sampler that I complete with my mpc 2000 xl what is the end of c is that you will pouveez lezs to test the eyes closed but before you buy to see if it suits you all depends on the sound that everyone is looking PEACE

Stanis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom XR
Say anything about the connections


I do not have the same outgoing Russian sounds twice (except those in BMD). This unit is too complicated for me because I wanted amliorer MIDI sounds I had originally with Band in a Box and I gave up ...
As for the manual there is no edition in French only English version.


I guess the sounds are INTERESTED to cost the DMOS ...


I could never use it, I sold two months with an APRS DTEC 500 Euros!
I want to make music, not computers, and if possible in French!
It is a device that is intended targets of those trs. I t probably ill advised to make that choice and I regret it. It is also possible that the device is down with a manufacturing default. This would explain cel. Even when I pass a little time download and print the notice in French front / back and connect it correctly, thank you Mr Roland!

alcools's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom XR
Features to see the manufacturer's website. Mine is version 2 (obviously the update fee is included in this release, but no PCMCIA adapter provides as with the previous version - that I've read). I stuck to it 512 MB RAM and 1 GB flash card

The connection to the PC does not seem to be very simple, however. I will see this later (since I have my fantom xr semainess 3).


The phantom is easy to access (especially if you already had products like the Roland JV1080). I find editing the samples is very simple and it's a good point for me using it to archive the sounds of machines that I sold or sampler quelqques drum loops. However if you want a great sampler parameter, it will take a dedicated machine, but otherwise this one is not too bad (much better than the option of sampling a KORG TRITON LE anyway).

The manual is not too bad.


Sounds? We feel that the JV1080 is not very far, but there is clearly progress. As a JV1080, do not expect sound with lots of character, but it fulfills its role of general road (actually, I would have preferred the sounds of a Proteus 2000 for example). The Piano is not bad, but not worth my Nord Stage 88.


I chose the Fantom XR because I wanted a general expander and a sampler in the little space as possible, and we can not do less than a single unit! So I do it again the same choice, especially since I have not found a glaring fault this machine.

powerchordfx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom XR
See documentation ...

only regret: 16 MB RAM original two patches in multi-samples and it's full!


For regulars Roland is so easy except for the portion sample is more difficult to control. The architecture of sounds or settings is logical. The screen is small, the publication of such a monster asks to use the computer but the software is absolutely brilliant for that. That said, the instructions of the software is almost non-existent so it used to and feeling a little bit of logic and there is everything! ...

The notice of the expander is too brief in sampling. Without the software, it would be unbearable.

At ergonomics, Roland has oversimplified the buttons. With four more buttons (System / Patch List / Edit / Utility -> Write), we could have had an expander much more "editable" without computer ... Also lacks the famous key which allowed up and down the sound of an octave (you must go to System, it's a bit heavy).

The expander is a bit long to start (with samples): you must see it as if starting up a computer (in any case, it's just a computer that expander). You still have 10-15 mimutes with 340 MB of samples (though it is possible to start the fantom without loading samples: Startup takes 30 or 40 sec)


Most of the sounds are good or excellent. You can find anything and compared to SRJV cards I had, I find the presets really well.
The expression and purity of sound are waiting for you to provide more realism.

The only regret: the sounds are too teckno metal (the cutoff at the bottom, it's going a while), there are (as in all expanders) misses some sounds good not to make you forget that there SRX (the voice for example). Guitar overdrive did not convince me, but fortunately there are the good samples in order to make REAL patches of Hard Rock! If you are looking for patches like Evanescence or Darkseed, it will need editing (Amoin the cards or CDs Roland SRX offer something)

Too many patches are ultra-worked and it becomes very boring: Roland wanted to dazzle your ears with sounds complicated but if you want to sound simple, well it's hard to find. I would say that for those who like expanders for their acoustic sound, the expander has a little too much "character"!

I installed the SRX (Ultimate Keys + World + Orchestra) and there was really no frills patches, ready to use and versatile ... As for the JV, the power of the Fantom is in the cards when it really operates four velocity layers: the expression is great. FYI, the kits of the Fantom batteries are better than the SRX, I was really amazed by the rhythm part of the expander!

Very important part indeed (especially reverb) is very good: it simulates very realistic acoustic conditions without coloring the sound.


I use it for one month and therefore I am giving an opinion ...

The expander is absolutely great especially for those who do not just use the presets. The software allows you to edit samples with incredible ease. In fact, I saw many bad reviews about the game almost impossible sampling on this expander (I have version 2.02 of the Fantom). The instructions are a little too light, I confirm there is nothing to be afraid at first. Once we understand the architecture of the samples, imports of audio and editing of the main parameters of the samples, it will own. Even for a multi-sample patches, we can make a terrible sound in 5-10 minutes (the longest being the assignment of notes to each sample).

In short, I'm really happy with my purchase. I find most of the sounds of the machines I've used before. The acoustic sounds are largely better than what I experienced and development opportunities between the SRX and sampling make me say I'm really not ready to sell it ... So if you are told that this expander is wrong is that you come across someone who did not have the patience to read the manual. I assure you that the Fantom XR has under the hood (apparently too much for some)!!

Notice at the end of five months: the expander is fabulous: I can not get up in the morning because I spend too much time to play. I can not stop so the sounds of the Fantom and the possibilities are enormous. The faults that I have found: 64 Patches favorites only (there are so many sounds good what do you do with 64 memory ???). This document is not clear for rhythms in performance mode: the sudden I still can not do what I want ...). Very large gap (in my opinion) that is not announced by Roland: the CD supplied with the SRX provide patches SRJV generation. Yes but they have forgotten to say that the files have been done to put the patches on the generation SRJV XV. So on a Fantom when you want a back on a sound SRJV SRX, edit yourself!)

Mind after 4 years of use with 6 SRX cards and 520 MB of multisamples, I find this very full sound module! It is almost what we want with.

The only flaws that I found: lack of insertion for Effects (MFX 3 only), no setting as possible to the digital output (it does not even know how often it is), publishing software not quite complete ( create a drum kit is really heavy on computer), only two analog outputs, the time for loading samples, the level of digital input can not be easily set with the Input.

Strengths: the quality of inputs (especially digital) perfectly neutral, allowing the sampling of crazy things! like having a second machine, the quality effects that are generally good, the Matrix Control for managing Midi controllers with incredible ease, the quality of analog outputs, easy to use when we understand the logic Roland SRX patches are well worth some banks that run Kontakt samples or other ....

I'm really happy, I even had the idea to buy a second at a time, for now, I do not see myself selling it one day!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom XR
I have since yesterday so I could browse the sound banks. I posssede also a reason 6. (are not)

It is very beautiful and seems navigate the pages without difficulty. I believe there is an editor on one of the cd ... I will see this.

lots of sounds ... Listen har example ... I do not have it on the ground .. even the accordion "seine" would fade Berthoumieux .. I love so many styles of music I find my account in this bike .. Listen piano, it is of great quality .. In any case, widely usable on stage.

23/08 notice.

it's really a great product. the effects are superb. I am thrilled. it compensates for the shortcomings of the pattern and is great in town and country ... uh .. live


It seems simple to understand. I barely opened the manual. I would see qd I try it with a sequencer. I had some other roland I hope so ... get out ... still too soon ..


it works great with cubase. the sounds sound good patch mode and performs ...


Overall, it's always difficult to stand qd we are accustomed to the pattern. it kills in many areas. However, the fantom owns a fine and a really nice grain. the piano is very correct and more interresting than the reason I find ... the electric piano are interressants as the reason .. with little, no big differences ..

there is a "grain" of incredible finesse, percussive sounds that the pattern does not .. but also knowing how to be discrete layers (if they are reworked) without eating the whole spectrum. only acoustic bass leave me on my end. not talking about the sax and other stuff ... I never use it on stage.

after a few hours, I am generally delighted with the overall quality. the effects are very complets.c is easy to access. can save their favorite and patch recall. nickel.


What I like is that on stage I will fly with a master keyboard and I left to be quiet for years. I do not see the style of music arrangement and I'm doing such a good config that the ghost and reason together ... I am asked to be fast and not to other galleys to find her. I have all the ...!

in home studio, I will help my pc that supports VST, but my first motivation was primarily to find a config simple and portable for live.

I still have the choice of master keyboard which should be light ... finished the RD 500 to 25 kg .. he will remain at home after years of abuse ... to find a safe and portable keyboard .. that's another matter ...

I will see my decision after several months.


very good bike. nothing to say negative.

solhemnis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Fantom XR
See below
note the different partitions for effects, chorus, reverb, plus multi fx
analog and digital coaxial
integrated sampler
up to 6 extensions roland srx


Screen a bit small, not very intuitive manipulation initially but after two days of use pass without any problems. performance mode a little boring at first.
positive, physical interface design very clear and very pleasant. Few buttons, brightness buttons nice.
soft edit with the very clear can not be take the lead in the editing interface.


Here is the section that we buy or not fantomxr. The sounds do not leave indifferent, for me it was love at first sight, confirmed by a month of testing and comparing with the motif rack. Yes, the reason pianos are much more better, yes the brass and strings are better, somewhat better, but the major advantage of fantomxr is the originality of his sound, we like it or not. The strong points are the different layers, the acoustic guitar (more realistic and attractive on the ground), the ethnic sounds (eg sitar on C is unique! Even in RA from East West we come not to that! !), the synth fx, and especially the very powerful effects and original. To make zic techno electro etc is an absolute must! The reverb sound dimension give an unprecedented and full of nuances (not too grandilocantes but very aesthetic) has an acoustic sound basic, it must be heard to be believed!
weaknesses pianos, which are not as evils, far from it, I use them often, but do not give a good quality / price and the strings, though some sounds are absolutely great style Saharastrings.


I use it for 3 months after a month trial. I see its faults but especially his qualities. I think the fantomxr not intended to be a classic but it is precisely why it gives me all the originality that could not get a very good machine but more conventional, that pleases as many people as the reason rack. It is quite true that the two are complementary. But what I liked is that the fantomxr put on a sound design inovation, very attractive and smooth. Design sound effects just as effective in the uniqueness and beauty of sound.
The value for money is not exellent but still not bad, considering the sampler, editing functions of its (notably the effects unique to the machine) and the uniqueness of its sound. I would do this choice indeed.