Casio CZ-3000
Casio CZ-3000

CZ-3000, Digital Synth from Casio in the CZ series.

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Average Score:4.0(4/5 based on 1 review)
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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Casio CZ-3000
See Fact Sheet: It's like they had a double or a CZ-1000 CZ-5000 without squenceur.

* Keyboard: 61 keys (robust and pleasant, VLOC fixed-cons but in recognition of VLOC MIDI).
* Type of synthesis: Phase distortion. It's a bit of what FM. We start with a triangle waveform, square, sine or another and it is by another module, it distorts the phase, which leads to a new waveform (oscilloscope can understand the ph nomne).
* Polyphony: 8 voices. (16 votes if we use only 1 DCO sound is sufficient without more).
* Multitimbral: 8 votes (It is rare for this type of machine; think the DX7 is not multitimbral, but you must have a TX802 for 8-voice multitimbral).


* Sound: 32 presets + 32 prog (not bad but we quickly after).
* Combi: No. Yes! there is a way "Dual" which lets you overlay two sounds (polyphony and rduire 4 votes!).
* Split: Yes (1 point).
* Audio Output: Stro.
* External Storage Cartridge. (Sysex?). The cartridge (Ram Cartridge AR-3) is necessary because we must know that the 3 Behind the machine used batteries power the memory of the machine. Batteries nase = preset lost (probably mine is old, but that is why attention).
* Squenceur: No.
* Display: LCD. Small.
* Portamento: Yes. Nice.

As usual, many buttons to go directly to the heart. This synth has not normment options but enough for me that beginners in the hardware. So, it is very ergonomic. The manual is comprehensive and there are several pdf documents with tutorials for sounds, explanations on the technique of sound production, etc. ... Everything is compatible between CZ!


* Number of Gnrateurs: 2 COD. Astonishing sound events when n is in re the 100% digital creation area. I never imagined a diffrence between a COD and COD VST physical hardware. Well I must say, I prefer the sound of the 80s because I think he's at a resolution particulire. It is without doubt of the fact that the era taient components of good quality that businesses do not seek the economy but still sounds is balanced not need to touch up his death to make it smooth. It seems that the components are really sound and not a formulation of sound as are computer programs. It is true that the components are a little out of breath but began dating. Incongruous aspect, there is less of a Yamaha DX7 IIFD breath.
* LFO: 1. Not very ergonomic but effective.
* Envelopes: 3, 8 segments (8 L and 8 R). Had to think (can make sounds bounce, with relief what).
* Filters: 2 Same DCW, unbelievable. By fiddling the filters, I realize how much we suffer with VST-catching, not fluid, which sound mtallique or flat. And yet it is digital. I need also to reflect still a.
* Effects: Chorus (4 effects at all?). Yes, 4 for Chorus, portamento, LFO and Glide are counted inside. There are options "Ring Modulator" or "Noise" in which we can pass the COD. My chorus adds a lot of breath and crachotte a bit but good.

The sounds are old, not GPs because it is not the purpose for me, but the parameter that few scientists take into account the spectral analysis, which for me is essential, "RESOLUTION "sound, I do not know what to call because he did it the stamp but it is not that the stamp (the wise?) is great! It sounds authentic. I take the best VST with its programmed identically, rang in my sound card mtallique MiaMidi whereas if I stick the hardware synth, I do not know is balanced agr cable, a dynamic person in the foreground ... In addition, the outputs are greater in volume than a DX-7 (for information, I like the DX-7 lol!), Thereby introducing it discreetly in a mix.


I use it less than a year.
I prefer what I think, is to immerse myself in the programming of a hardware synth (sick of mouse clicks) but without nostalgia, just for the quality of sound and fun. With an oscilloscope, really fun and I shot like that leon: the higher the quality of sound source is more musical inspiration is the rendezvous. As I write is not bad days, then it must not be so bad. I'll put dmos if I have time and I do it again this election despite the fifteen pounds above that I pay less than 100 including postage on ebay. One of the most underrated synth!