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Digital Synths user reviews

  • Clavia Nord Stage 2 76

    Clavia Nord Stage 2 76 - "There's no better option for pro musicians"


    I’m using my Nord Stage 2 mainly for the fantastic piano and organ sounds. The rest is all vst from now on. I had the electro 3 before. Also super keyboard but i upgraded. I really haven’t found anything vst that comes close. It all just sounds so …

  • Korg T2 Ex

    Korg T2 Ex - "An M1 on steroids"


    In 1991, Korg debuted the T series with three different versions: the T1 (88 keys), T2 (76 keys) and T3 (61 keys). The Ex versions – "T2ex" and "T3ex" – feature an extra ROM with 512 kb of PCM acoustic piano sounds, the best you could get at the time…

  • Alesis QS8

    Alesis QS8 - "Great Value / almost perfect"


    I have been looking for a decent stage piano that can fill my needs for Rhodes, Wurly, Clavinet, and acoustic piano sounds. Being able to do some decent B-3 tones was not necessary but definitely a plus, as I have another keyboard that fills my need…

  • Yamaha Montage 6

    Yamaha Montage 6 - "A terrible disappointment"


    After 3 months spent watching videos and dreaming to lay my hands on this new synth, the day has finally come. As an owner of an MO6 and Motif XS, I really believed the Montage would be Yamaha’s most elaborate synth, but in the end the longer the wa…

  • Seiko DS 202/310/320.

    Seiko DS 202/310/320. - "A towering gear with interesting sounds" has images


    The basic synth is called the DS202 , with two expansion – the DS310 digital synthesizer and DS320 sequencer. Once everything mounted on the synth, the size is quite impressive. A sturdy and well-conceived gear, for a total 16 to 17 lbs. No MID…

  • Yamaha VL1

    Yamaha VL1 - "Still Unsurpassed"


    Even though this synth is over 20 years old, I haven't found any hardware or software synths that can duplicate its quality of sound. From breath-takingly accurate reproductions of wind instruments to hair-raising creepy sci-fi sound effects, it can …

  • Roland U-20

    Roland U-20 - "A Great Controller Keyboard/Synth"


    Some very realistic Piano sounds with the default Patches. Can also create some great Sound FX. Wide selection of accessory PCM Cards to add new sounds PROS: Excellent PCM samples. Nothing beats the SN-U110-12 Saxophone & Trombone PCM Card. http:/…

  • Roland JV-90

    Roland JV-90 - "JV90 build and sound"


    Build Keyboard has good feel and is quiet. The body is lightweight and slim. Knobs and switches are safely indented in the face. Screen is bright clear and simple. Sounds Piano The piano has always been robust and cutting. Organ I've never…

  • Siel Keytek CTS-2000

    Siel Keytek CTS-2000 - "Truly underrated, great synth"


    Back in the days I gave this synthesizer a try at the stores. I wasn't impressed with the depth of the sound (presets) at all. And since I didn't have much time to dive in deeper and sort out the editing options, I passed on this instrument... Now…

  • Ensoniq SD1

    Ensoniq SD1 - "A marvelous piece of art"


    What can I say for a synth that stood up to me for 20 years? Everybody knows the SD1. I am writing here just to pay respect to this instrument. UTILIZATION Great at all questions. SOUNDS Just great OVERALL OPINION I will keep it in my studio …